Friday, October 8, 2010

DR visit update

I guess I will start with my visit last week since I forgot to post about it.  Nothing real exciting happened at that visit.. except one thing.. it finally happened.. after 3 pregnancies.. peeing in a cup at every single DR visit..  I dropped the cup in the toilet!!  Oh my goodness I was cracking up.  It may not seem all that funny to any of you but every time I pee in the cup I'm afraid I'm going to drop it.. and go figure, I knew I couldn't make it through 3 babies without it happening.  {so I held on a little extra tight today!}

My visit today was a little more exciting!   I was nervous because it was with the midwife I saw a couple of weeks ago in triage.. and I didn't really care for her much that day.  I tried to have an open mind.. maybe she was having a bad day that day, maybe I was being 'overly-hormonal' that day, maybe it was both.. but I was going to go into the appointment this morning with no judgments and just let it be.  Turned out.. I was completely wrong about her.  She must have been having a bad day when I saw her in triage because she was not at all the same person!  She was very cheery with me, was laughing with me, seemed genuinely interested in my questions and really made the appointment very pleasant!  [it may also have been b/c I was her first patient of the day and it's Friday!]  She asked if delivered early with my other pregnancies and I shared that I was 1 day early with Gavin and 11 days early with Gabby, but Salley had stripped my membranes with Gabby.  Immediately she asks, well would you like me to strip your membranes today?!  I did not hesitate for one mili-second.. yes, yes please, if you're open to doing it and think it's okay then yes please!  Then, I panicked a little.. I thought about my memories of having the membranes stripped with Gabby..  I was scared it would hurt just as bad, if not worse this time around.. but I went ahead and undressed, got up on the table and prayed.. and prayed and prayed and prayed =)  She did her business.. and it was super uncomfortable.. but not nearly as painful as it was with Gabby.. thank goodness!!  Angie, the midwife, said that she was able to clear a good bit of the membranes and she definitely thinks that should help me along.  Yipppeeee!!  I hope that means our little sweet surprise of a son will be coming this weekend =)  I've been walking my little heart out today and plan to do the same tonight.. maybe I will take the kiddos to the mall since Steven has to work and we will walk walk walk until our legs fall off =)

DR visit stats:
Weight: +21 lbs.
Blood pressure: 123/75 - this is the highest it's been but still within normal range, so no biggie!
Urine: didn't ask.. I'm sure it was fine or they would have said something
Heartbeat: 143 bpm!!

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