Friday, December 30, 2011

- 2011 -

January:  My Grammie passed away on January 9th.. one of the hardest things I've ever faced.  Not a day goes by when I don't think about my Grammie and all the wonderful memories I have of her.  We also had fun family time in January and the kiddos did lots of growing.. especially Mr. Gage David!
February: lots of playing and growing took place this month.. no major events, which was a nice considering all the changes our family had faced the past few months!
March: lots more growing, learning and playing, except this month we got to play outside a little!  We went to a Hershey Bears game with family and had a great time! 
April: Gage started eating solid food!!  Gavin stared playing soccer!!  Gabby continues to learn and let her little firecracker personality shine =)
May: I celebrated the big '28' =)  My amazing kids kept growing and really started interacting and having fun with one another!
June: We had a fun celebratory lunch in honor of my Grammie's 1st birthday in heaven.. what a special day!  The little rascals enjoyed playing outside and had a blast at one of the local fairs!
July: Our first trip to the beach as a family of 5 - with Gage living in the outside world!  We had a great time and Steven's already talking about our 2012 beach trip!
August: our family trip to Tennessee - SO much fun and SO SO SO beautiful!!!  The kids did really well on the 9 hour drive.. me, maybe not so well.  (I'm not good on long drives unless I'm the driver... I get bored!  Sorry babe, I know this annoys you!)

September: finally some nice fall weather! Gavin started preschool!  Miss Gabby graduated to a big girl bed!! We enjoyed more fun time with family and had fun at more local fairs!  We walked in the 2011 Alzheimer's Association walk in memory of my Grammie.. busy month but definitely a fun and special one!
October: Gavin Arthur turned FIVE!!!  Gage David turned ONE!  We enjoyed more fun times with family and had our share of fun birthday parties!  And of course we had a blast trick-or-treating! =)
November:  fun family times.. lots of laughs, photographs and memories made!  We also celebrated our 2nd Thanksgiving as a family of five!
December: Miss Gabby Louise turned TWO!!!  WOW =)  Gavin was in the Christmas pageant at church... We made clear-toys (a fun Anderson family tradition!), chopped down our lovely Christmas tree and celebrated Christmas with family, just the way it should be!  Tomorrow, (New Years Eve) we will be celebrating my hubby's 34th birthday!  Happy Birthday babe, I love you!
(more Christmas pictures to come)

Happy New Year!