Wednesday, March 5, 2014

silly faces.

[these kids rock at silly faces!!!]
i love them like crazy :)  

tonight gage told me that when he's older and his "head is up to the ceiling" then he can make popcorn and do "cool big persons stuff" 
- yep,  you got it dude!

Monday, March 3, 2014

the tooth fairy.

the tooth fairy stopped by last night and left my oldest a few bucks! needless to say, he woke up super excited and couldn't wait to get to school to show his friends!!! this kid has been messing with that stupid little tooth for days - I am so glad he finally got it out. :)  now if only his other front baby tooth would fall out so he'd stop messing with that one!

love you to the moon & back gavin arthur!
 that smile and those big brown eyes will always melt my heart :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

for my children.

Once again - been a bad 'blogger' - but truthfully, I'm not really a blogger... 
I'm not a cleaver writer (I actually don't really enjoy it at all most times) - I don't have wonderful words of wisdom to share with the world - I don't have special talents or a business to blog about.  I do, however, have 3 children I want to write for.  So, I'd like to eliminate the title of 'blogger' and simply call myself 'mom' - a mom who wants to document special parts of her children's lives so they have something fun to look back on and read - and yes, share it on the world wide web so family and friends can have a peak too!

now that all that jazz is out of the way, I will share a few fun things happening here...
after 7+ years we are done with diapers!  Gage is now potty trained and I am loving it!!!
(so is the budget.)
Gabby is officially registered for preschool!  I have no doubt she's going to have a blast - I'm SUPER excited!!!
Gavin is doing really well in 1st grade and he's now signed up for baseball starting next month!!! (pray I can juggle working full time, getting home, making dinner and lugging all 3 kids to baseball practice by myself since Steven works 2nd shift... yikes!)
One struggle we've been having is aggression - these 3 love being physical with each other - punching, kicking, pushing, wrestling - it's awful.  I sure hope they work themselves out of this phase because I'm over it :)