Wednesday, October 26, 2011

- 12 -

So this is super late too but that seems to be the norm with me anymore!  Gage will soon be 13 months old which means no more monthly sticker pictures.. boo.

  • You weigh 19 lbs – which puts you in the 13th percentile for weight – and you are 31 inches long, which puts you in the 90th percentile (or somewhere around there) – Gavin and Gabby were always off the charts for both height and weight – you my dear are a skinny little peanut!
  • You absolutely hate bath time.. it’s total meltdown city..
  • Eating.. now there’s something you love!!  Veggies are probably one of your favorite things to eat along with yogurt drops and chicken nuggets.
  • Still no teeth.  Yes, I said it, ONE year old and ZERO teeth.
  • Your blond hair is so cute and curly!
  • Gavin and Gabby really know how to make you smile.
  • You say kitty and thank you – so so so so cute :)
  • You’re the fastest crawler I’ve ever seen.
  • Walking doesn’t seem to interest you all that much.. which is completely fine with your momma!
  • You love sharing a room with your big bro! I hear you two talking in the mornings :)
  • You’re such a snuggle bunny – on Sundays in the church nursery you won’t let the ladies put you down – all you want to do is snuggle!
  • Paci = bestest buddy!


I love you Gage David!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ocean City, MD

So… this post is long over-due!  We took our annual beach vacation to Ocean City, MD July 9th through July 16th… that means I’m only 3 months late posting about it!  The day before left, my husband was told he was being let go of his position that he had held for the last 5 years.  The company is doing poorly financially so they had to make some cuts and sadly, his position was one of those cuts.  We’re still on the job hunt but are staying hopeful.

Back to the beach.. we had a blast!  It was Gage’s first trip to the ocean and I think he really enjoyed himself!  We ate way too much food, got way too much sun, spent way too much money but had a great time!

I took 946 pictures during our week there.  Obviously I won’t post them all here so I will try to pick some favorites from the trip!

(here you go Mom… I’m finally posting some beach pictures!!)

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Gavin Arthur turns 5! [a whole hand!]

Gavin Arthur turned 5 years old on Sunday, October 2, 2011.  I can still remember the first few moments holding him right after he was born and singing Happy Birthday to him!  The past 5 years have totally flown by and I'm truthfully scared about how quickly the next 5 years will go.  My beautiful son is incredibly sweet, fun, sensitive, intelligent, polite, adventurous, kind and loving.  He loves preschool and is always coming home singing the sweetest bible songs.  His heart for the Lord is really growing which makes me one happy momma.  I pray Gavin continues to foster that love and grows to be a strong, responsible, loving man of God.

I tell you this every night when we say our prayers but I am SO thankful that the Lord chose me to be your mommy.  You are an amazing boy and I've loved watching you grow these past 5 years.  I hope you keep that sweet, sensitive side and always remember how much your mommy and daddy love you.  You're the BEST big brother a kid could have - Gage and Gabby are very very lucky!
(a big thank you to my husband for taking pictures so I could hang out on the floor with Gav while he opened his gifts - that was by far the highlight of my night - watching how excited he got about his gifts and how polite he was while opening them!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday evening ramble.01

I’m really behind on posts – but thought I’d do a wee bit Wednesday post anyway (a night early.. oh yea!) – I promise the birthday and vacation posts are on the way! Ohh.. and I never posted about my new tattoo – that post is on the way too!

{one} what's your guilty pleasure tv show?

Oh my.. I’d say one of the silly reality shows I enjoy – like Big Brother or sometimes I enjoy watching Access Hollywood (lame, I know!)

{two} ear piercings on men: yes or no?

on some guys it really doesn’t look all that bad – others I’d say no way!

{three} do you have dish or comcast?


{four} what's your favorite current fashion trend?

hmmm.. I guess I’d say scarves.. they are fun!

{five} if you could learn to do anything, money not being an issue, what would it be?

Definitely learn how to fly an airplane. I would LOVE that!

{six} red or white wine?


{seven} what type of food is your favorite (ex. italian, mexican, etc.)

hands down, Italian!

{eight} hp or mac?

I’ve never had a mac so I’ll have to say hp.

{nine} what color is your bedroom?

very very very boring white.

{ten} what's your favorite form of exercise?

I’ve finally got my running back on track so I’d say running!

what post is complete without a picture or two of the rascals!


(Gavin stole my scarf!)


(Gabby is a great winker but messy eater!)


(such a handsome little peanut butter!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new rooms!

Besides the big birthdays lots has been going on =)  Miss Gabby is now in a big girl bed and Gage has moved into his big brother's room!  Gabby has been doing well in her bed (well, for her daddy anyway.. not so much for mommy) and she really seems to like her new room.  I do think she misses Gage because as soon as I open her gate in the morning she wants to run over to see her brothers.  I love the way her room came toghether.. there are still a few odds and ends I'd like to find but for now, I think it looks great!
These were cross stitch pieces my Grammie made for me.  I know the purple one she gave me on my birthday in 2000 and the smaller two hung in my room when I was little.  I think she did them in 1992.  It's SO special for me to have them hanging in Gabby's room now!!

I really like the boys' room too!  It's fun and sporty and is a nice size space for the 2 of them.  Gav really enjoys playing in his room now so we wanted to make sure he still has a spot for his trains.  Gage adjusted well to the new room.. actually, I didn't even really notice much change in him at all.  It's fun to hear him and Gav laughing and playing iwth each other when they wake up in the morning =)

I still need to add a beach post, a Tennessee post, a 5th birthday post and a ONE year old post... yikes!