Tuesday, December 1, 2009

38 weeks = walking around on a bowling ball!


Yes, that's what my midwife said this morning when she was checking the baby's position - "wow dear, she's really down there, you must feel like you're walking around on a bowling ball" - well yes, yes I do!  Then she feels my ribs and says, "oh, I bed your ribs are hurting too." - yes, yes they are!

I thought I was going into labor this morning - I was woken up around 5:05 a.m. by an awful contraction, the worst yet.  I got up and walked around for a few minutes, used the potty and figured I needed to just try to get back to sleep and if it was "the real deal" then I would for sure know in a little while.  I contracted off and on until 7:15 a.m. at which point I was finally able to sleep for a total of about 15 minutes.  Obviously they were not true labor contractions or I would not be typing this right now :o) but they sure were more intense and lasted longer than the typical braxton hicks I've been having for the past couple of months.

We had our 38 week doctor visit this morning and I shared my discomforts with my midwife.  She stated that it's great I'm having these contractions and that means my body is preparing for labor.  She asked if I wanted her to check my cervix - I hesitated for a moment, then decided, sure why not know a little more about what's going on in my body.  The checking of the cervix was not painful, just uncomforatble.  Then she asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes (I did not have this done with Gavin b/c it was never offered so I wasn't real sure how to answer) - I asked if it hurt and she said yes, but it's different for everyone.  I again thought, why not - it's completely natural and if she didn't think it was okay to do she wouldn't have offered.  I told her to go ahead and strip my membranes.  STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!  So painful I almost ran off the table - not kidding.  She said that I am 1 1/2 centimeters dilated and my cervix is soft but still long.  She shared that she was able to get one finger in to strip the membranes.  (Had I known how painful it would be I would have never ever let her do it.. oh well.. too late now!)  The midwife explained that if my body is really preparing for labor and "it's right on the edge" then stripping the membranes will definitley help move things along.  She also stated that if my body is still 2 steps back and is not ready for labor anytime soon then stripping the membranes will do virtually nothing to speed things along.

So, there you have it - 1 1/2 centimeters dilated (which means basically nothing!) - a soft but long cervix (also means basically nothing!) and stripped membranes (which hurt like a mother - and could have basically been pointless!)  BUT baby is very low and is head down, which is definitely a bonus - the midwife could feel her head when she was checking my cervix - super cool!!  I've had some bleeding throughout the day today (I even had to get a pad from a co-worker, thanks Christina!!)  The nurse said the bleeding is normal and it should subside by tonight/tomorrow but noted that the bleeding means the midwife did her job and moved things around in there!  I am trying to be completely calm about labor but I am just getting so uncomfortable - how in the world will I last another 2 weeks?!!  (I know, I know - suck it up!!)

38 week quiz:
How far along: 38 weeks 1 day
Weight gain: still +30 pounds - I haven't gained any since my last DR visit on Nov. 19th!
Stretch marks: no new ones, but definitely enough!
Sleep: yea right - it's such a workout to even get into bed and get comfortable.  I am actually more comfortable sleeping on the couch but I know I will be doing that a lot when Gabrielle arrives so I am trying to enjoy my bed while I can.
Movement: she hasn't been moving as much (although today she has been a dancing machine - maybe from all that messing around with her house!)
Food cravings: ice and candy.
Gender: girl :o)  I can't believe I am going to have a daughter!!!
Belly button in or out: out and certainly funny looking!
Any new baby items: oh my goodness yes - Amanda (we'll just say she's a cousin because she's related through marriage on Steven's side of the family but I don't really know 'what' she is!) gave us 2 bags of baby clothes - she had a baby girl, Rylee, in April - a very well-dressed baby girl I must say :o)  It was fun looking through all the clothes and now we have a whole new wardrobe for Gabrielle - THANK YOU AMANDA, KYLE & RYLEE!!!!
Any new maternity items: nope, no more maternity items for me - I guess I could delete this section :o)  I will need to get nursing bras/tops if nursing goes well but we won't cross that bridge until after Gummy Bear arrives
Labor signs: see long paragraphs above ;o)
Best moment of the week: definitely Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends!!  I really do have so much to be thankful for!
What I miss: my old clothes - running/exercising - wine/alcohol - energy - sleeping on my tummy - my cute little cherry tattoo that now looks like an apple tree ;o)
What I'm looking forward to: meeting my daughter!!!!! 
Weekly wisdom: Tums are a super, amazing, wonderful, awesome product - they rescue me every single night from the fire breathing dragon that lurks in my throat.. I will NOT miss this awful heartburn after Gummy Bear arrives!!
Milestones: As you know, you've arrived at the final leg of your pregnancy journey, and if you're still carrying your little love around, they've just about reached their birth weight (somewhere between 6 to 8 pounds is average depending on whether they're a boy or girl). There really isn't a lot to report on baby this week, so lets do a quick recount of where we're at: all internal organ systems are pretty much ready for the outside world, they've got their meconium stockpile building up (their first black baby poo), lots of healthy baby fat, a rapidly developing brain (that'll keep growing with them for years to come), and they've more or less reached official baby status-- all they need to do is "head out" and say hello to the rest of the world and especially their ready-to-pop momma.


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Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable! I'm hoping that your body reacts the same way mine did after having my membranes stripped. With Grace I was admitted into the hospital about 20 hours after it was done and with Evan I was in the hospital about 12 hours after it was done. Much luck and prayers for a quick, safe delivery and a healthy Mom and baby sooner rather than later!