Wednesday, October 27, 2010

take a hike Miss Debbie Downer

I am so sorry – my last couple posts have been pretty negative – just call me Negative Nancy I guess!  I really am a happy, optimistic, loving person but man, not by the way my posts have read lately.  I apologize!!  Yesterday after my truthful tuesday post I read another post on a blog I follow and it was so inspiring, so uplifting, so spiritual.. then there was my bummer of a post.  I don’t want to be a debbie downer, I want to be inspirational, I want to show Jesus’ love through my blog, I want to spread joy and hope and love to anyone who reads this blog.. so, from now on no more negative nancy! 

Okay, let’s be real, I am sure there will be some ‘tough stuff’ posts but I promise there will always be joy and happiness in each post as well =)

All that being said, take a look at my cutie-pie kiddos – they bring me more joy than I ever could have dreamed.  Even though I am completely exhausted and would to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time I would not trade this amazing bunch for anything.  Thank You Jesus!

008 019 021 038 046 048 051 054 059 062 066 069 071 079 084 089 106 110 114 116 123 126 129 134 135 139 140 145

(I know it’s always photo overload but I have a lot of family that reads this and they are always asking for more photos!)

PS: Here is the tattoo I want to get – I am thinking on my right wrist – that way I can cover it up with a watch, some makeup or a bracelet if I ever need to.. What do you think?! I think it will be small, black and fairly thin – definitely not red!tattoo 2

Love & blessings!


Lindsay said...

Love the tattoo idea, and the location! My next tattoo is an ambigram of the words hope and faith on the inside of my left wrist.

Kelly said...

I love the 'G' tattoo idea! Adorable pictures as always, I love the big bio, big sis and lil bro shirts! Too stinking cute!