Tuesday, October 26, 2010

truthful tuesday.

lots of truths to be told.. sorry if it’s TMI but like I said, it’s ‘truthful tuesday’

- I stress about $ all the time.. but always find myself out shopping.. this is a problem.

- My milk is still coming in and it’s starting to really tick me off.  I am tired of wearing sports bras.. sports bras remind me of running and I can’t run right now so I don’t want to be wearing a sports bra.

- Gavin has started to poop in his underwear and I don’t know what to do about it. [not full-fledged poops but enough]  I honestly can’t remember when it started but it’s definitely become more frequent now that Gage is home.  Obviously there is some connection there, but like I said, I’m at a loss about what to do.

- I miss my husband and our alone time together.. and not necessarily *that kind of alone time together.. but normal adult alone time.. it never happens anymore and I know it probably won’t happen for a long time, but I still miss him.  We could really use a dinner and a movie night – and several people have offered to babysit for us, it’s just a lot to ask someone to watch all 3 kiddos.

- I miss my girlfriends.. to be honest I don’t really have many.. but I sure could use a good night out with just the girls.. carefree, fun and silly.

- I hate my body right now.  I’m only down about 10 lbs from Gage’s birth, which is frustrating considering he weighed 8 lbs, the placenta had to weigh a couple of pounds and I would have sworn I lost about 10 gallons of fluid during delivery.  I am not allowed to exercise for another 4 weeks so now I can only be mindful of what I eat, which has proved to be very tough the past 2 weeks.

- My house looks like a tornado passed through four or five times.  I feel much better when my house is clean and organized but I think we have a new normal around here now.  I know, I guess I could be cleaning now instead of blogging but to an extent there is no point in cleaning when Gavin and Gabby are going to destroy everything again anyway.

- I still haven’t unpacked everything from my hospital bags.. and I still haven’t put away many of the gifts Gage got at the hospital.. and I still haven’t put away 90% of the toys Gav got for his birthday.

- I am already freaking out about going back to work and how working full time is going to flow with 3 little ones at home.  I don’t go back until January 3rd so I have some time but I don’t want to spend my whole leave worrying about this.

- I am disappointed I didn’t have my niece video tape Gage’s birth.  I didn’t tape any of my children’s births but now that his is over and I know I won’t ever have that experience again I wish I would have taped it.

Okay, that’s enough for now! I’ve made it to lunch time, gotta go feed the kiddos and get them down for a nap.  Then it’s mommy/Gage time =)

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Kelly said...

It will all come together. Remember, you have 3 kids now, not 2. Life gets tough, we make it through and life continues. :) Just try to put a smile on your face (I promise it helps)
It is fine if your don't want to answer, but isn't it cheaper to stay home, with 3 kids in daycare? I would think that is an income itself. :)
I wish we lived closer, we could go out :)
Keeping you in my prayers!