Friday, October 22, 2010

rough one..

I failed.. today is definitely not the day I win the shiny gold star for being a good mommy or a good wife.  I’m so disappointed in myself.  I had been hanging on and doing really well, at least I thought, and this morning.. bang.. I was the Mrs. hormonal, tired, sore, grouchy bitch I had been so trying so hard to avoid.  I know I had a baby 13 days ago and this is to be expected but it’s not okay in my book.. especially when these emotions are taken out on your children and your hubby in a way.  I am sorry to my hubby and my Big G, Middle G and Little G.  Hopefully after they all wake up from nap I can pretend like this morning never happened and make the best of the rest of the evening.. please Lord give me strength!

PS: my little sweet potato is getting her first tooth on the top!013

And just because I think they are

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