Friday, October 15, 2010


Oh my goodness we are busy around here!  I promise one day I will return and tell you all about Gage's beautiful birth.  My hubbs has been home this entire week which has been fantastic.. he has been taking care of Gavin and Gabby and I am on baby patrol.  He has been on Gav and Gabby patrol because I am not allowed to lift or carry either of them for 1 to 2 weeks.  Gage has been a great baby so far - he's very laid back and he does not cry too loud or very often.  He sleeps a lot but sadly seems to have his days and nights a little mixed up.  I am certain he got use to the noise of our house while in my tummy because the crazy loud noises around the house while he sleeps don't seem to bother him one bit.

As I said, I promise to share about his birth - it was wonderful - I pushed for 2 minutes - and was able to share the experience with very special people =)  And most importantly, Momma and baby were healthy!  What a blessing!

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{more photos to come.. of course.. when children permit!}

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Meant to be a mom said...

So many great pictures. I'm so happy for your family. What a blessing.