Sunday, February 17, 2013

if you really knew me... #2.

- I am a compulsive clicker... I can't stand waiting for something to load so I'll just click and click and click and click and click... :)
- I should have been a drummer... I always use my steering wheel as a drum set!
- I'm such a sucker for cute old men.
- Miss Gabby Louise is left handed… and I think that's super cool!!!
- I fell in love with photography in 7th grade on a trip to Camp Sandy Hill.
- My taste buds have changed a lot over the past several months... I feel like I am eating like an adult now instead of a child :)
- This past summer was the first time I ever mowed the grass... lame-o
- I miss being pregnant. [call me crazy... it's true.]
- I talk to my Grammie every morning on my way to work :)
- I dream of having legs that look like Carrie Underwood’s... keyword - DREAM!!!
- I’ve never had a bloody nose.
- I really hate cooking.
- Magazines are really the only thing I enjoy reading… and they always suck me in at the register... and I'm a sucker for a good subscription price... just got a year of Fitness magazine for 5 buckaroos.
- I have a slight major obsession with pens.
- I love my kids names but it’s super annoying sometimes – and I fear they will hate it when they are older.
- I wish I was better at styling my hair – it’s either down and curled or up in a ponytail.

there ya have it... if ya didn't know... now ya do!!!
:) :) :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!!!
lots of LOVE from the meatballs and me!!!
I LOVE these little cutie pies... hahaha, first they are meatballs, now they are pies ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

week #4 - 21 miles

man... this was another tough week... I blame this tough week on my eating.  At the start of the year I had been doing really well with my eating but for some reason this past week and over the weekend I slipped up a little bit.  Once I make one poor choice it's like a vicious cycle :(  okay... we aren't talking tons of soda and chocolate and fries and ice cream... but we may be talking a few too many diet sodas, seconds at dinner, half a snickers bar, way too many cheezits and not enough water.  I've learned my lesson and I'm hoping that gives me motivation to focus on healthier eating this week. 
here's what my week looked like:
Monday, Jan. 28th: rest. late appointment. lazy bum!
Tuesday, Jan. 29th: total 5.26 miles
Wednesday, Jan. 30th: apx 5 miles (treadmill reset - unsure of definite distance) - tough & frustrating day :(
Thursday, Jan. 31st: total 5.1 miles - another tough day :(  pushed through...
Friday, Feb. 1st: total 5.34 miles - made up for my crappy run yesterday...

I really have to start stepping things up a bit... my longest run has been just over 6.5 miles (and I've only hit that once)... I still have a long way to go... getting kind of nervous!!!
4 weeks down... 9 more to go...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January favortie things...

 gonna try something new... every month I'm going to post a few of my most favorite items from that month.  I've seen this on a ton of other blogs and always love reading the posts so I figured I'd enjoy writing a post too :) 

fiber one brownies.  so so so deeeelish!!!  this is my go to snack when I'm craving something sweet ;)  only 90 calories, 3 grams of fat and 20% of my daily fiber... it's the chocolate chips that get me ;)

maybelline baby lips lipstick.  I have peach, cherry and grape.  Not only do they taste yummy but they look very pretty too.  Not too bold... just the right amount of color!!!  I should also mention they're only 3 bucks or so at target. :)
Lance peanut butter and honey crackers.  I've been kind of obsessed with these this month!!!  I like having half a pack (or a full pack!) before I run.  I LOVE peanut butter!!!
C9 no show socks from Target.  These socks are awesome!!! They have great built in arch support.  They stay right in place.  I LOVE the heal coverage.  They soak up my sweat and they look super cute ;)  [I have pretty colorful ones that Gavin picked out for me :)]
last but not least - Herbal Essences 'Honey I'm Strong' shampoo and conditioner. love love love this stuff!!!  truthfully, I've never found an herbal essences product I don't like.  This stuff makes my hair smell yummy, makes my hair super shiny and soft and has definitely helped with my split ends.  With sweating so much and pulling  my hair back tightly when I run, I really want something to help keep my hair strong... found it ;)