Thursday, October 21, 2010

mommy time.

Steven had to go to work early tonight so I’ve been on kiddo patrol by myself since 5:30 this evening.  Surprisingly it was not as bad as I thought it would be so I am rewarding myself with a little blog time =)  [although I know I should be sleeping!]
I decided to participate in Mama M’s 5 Question Friday, even though it’s not really Friday yet!  I’ve done this a few times before but not for a while so I thought it would be fun!!  You should do it too =)
1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?  - this is easy!  My hubbs is by far a better cook than me.  I hate to cook, mainly because I am terrible at it and am such a picky eater.  My poor hubbs and I always have issues when it comes to food.. I know it’s a pain, and I hate being a picky eater and a horrible cook.. one day it will get better.. maybe.. I hope!
2. How often do you talk to your mom?  - I’d say we talk on the phone every other day, sometimes every day..  I love my mom very very much and don’t like to go too long without chatting with her.  I wish we lived closer so I could see her even more often.  Love you muchermostest mom!
3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or do you stick to the recipe?  - I always always always stick to the recipe.  (that is, if I am the one cooking!)  I wouldn’t have any idea how to be adventurous..
4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?  - nope, my second toe is smaller than my big toe – super small actually – I have short, fat, stubby toes =)
5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (What will you be this year?)  -  I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in over a decade.. which actually makes me a little sad.  Last year some relatives of ours, Patty and Bryan, dressed up as Shrek and Fiona and they looked so cute.. I wish I were that clever!!
Okay, Gage is starting to whimper and I still need to let the doggies out before heading up to bed so my mommy time has come to an end!

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