Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 - my favorite number.

I was born in the 5th month. I was the 5th person to join my family. I was #5 when I played basketball in middle school. I have always said 5 is my favorite number.
I love the photo above of my family. (thank you Steven for taking it) This makes me appreciate the number 5!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

wordless wednesday, kitten style.

kittens arrived 2.5 weeks ago. sandy jo had 3 - 2 gray, 1 orange. the other gray kitten didn’t want to participate in the photo shoot. they are adorable! the kids love them. i’m secretly hoping we can keep the orange one (also hoping it’s a girl and we can name her Penny.) not that we need another animal here, what am I thinking!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

party time.

My oldest has requested a Chuggington party - my youngest a Mickey Mouse party.  This will be our first (of many, I'm sure) joint party and it's proving to be quite tough.

Ya see... mickey mouse is everywhere.  Anything and everything I need and/or want is right there, for the most part.

Chuggington... not so much.  I have found a few things here and there but not much at all.  Most of the items I find online are in the UK - which means I'd have to pay way too much for them.

I am trying so hard to keep the party balanced but I have a feeling it's going to be totally overpowered by mickey and poor Gavin's chuggers are going to feel left out.

Anyone have any good recommendations about where to get Chuggington party supplies?!?  My mickey ears are open ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wordless wednesday.

love my gage david... almost 2 years old... wow.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

fun friday letters.


dear Maroon 5: your new song, One More Night, is so catchy – and has been stuck in my head almost all day – thanks!!!

dear diet pepsi with lemon: why can’t I stop drinking you?!?

dear bank account: stop shrinking. like now. thanks! (guess I should ask my shopping pleasure to shrink too.)

dear weather: I am SO stinkin’ excited for the beautiful fall weather.  this week was gorgeous :) :) :)

dear external hard drive: you’re the bomb!!!  my computer has space again thanks to you. wish you were a little cheaper but oh well, totally worth every penny.

dear meatballs: I am the mommy, you are the children.  you are not allowed to tell me no.  you are not allowed to hit each other.  you are not allowed to write on the walls or on yourselves or on each other.  you are not allowed to steal each other’s food.  you are not allowed to pull each other’s hair.  you are not allowed to push each other off the sofa.  you are absolutely not allowed to run down the street away from your mommy while laughing hysterically because she cannot catch you.

dear pinterest: thank you for the many wonderful craft ideas.  now hurry up and deposit some cash into my shrinking bank account so I can make some.

dear big brother: i’m hooked, please don’t end next week.

dear incarcerated client: I think I’ve prayed for you more than any other client I have ever worked with in my 5 years as an adoption/pregnancy counselor.  you have touched my heart in many ways and I will do everything in my power to serve you [and your beautiful baby boy] just as the Lord would want me to.

dear juliana hough picture: you are evil.  you are making me want to cut my hair.  it hasn’t been this long in years but your cut is so sharp! juliana hair

dear hair: STOP TURNING GRAY. NOW. PLEASE!!!  some people don’t believe me when I tell them I have gray highlights – here’s proof 

hair hair edit

hahaha… funny what a little editing will do {Yipes!!!}

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

button flowers.

buttons. love them.

one of my 30 before 30 items was to complete a diy craft/project that was ‘blog post worthy’ but I also wanted it to be ‘hang up in the house worthy’ too. 

When I found this pin on pinterest, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to make.  The flowers made me think of my family, the embroidery hoop made me think of my grammie and the simplicity really just spoke to me. pinterest

I followed Leigh-Ann’s steps completely – I can’t say I really did anything differently other than use the same color thread for all the stems.  [must say, I think I like her idea of different colors better than my green]  Oh, and of course, the fabric color I chose was different.

I had fun picking out the buttons for the flowers and the kids had fun helping me sort drop the buttons on the floor!

Overall, I’m happy with the turn out.  It’s simple and plain but meaningful.

#17. complete a DIY project that’s blog post worthy. – DONE!!!

IMG_5559-001 IMG_5560-001

“all the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today”

Monday, September 10, 2012

if you really knew me…

-you'd know I'm addicted to eating ice
-you'd know I love college football... Let's GOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!!
-you'd know I have a TON of gray hair, I swear it's like I have gray highlights
-you'd know I collect camels (and will gladly accept 'donations' for my collection!)
- you'd know bats freak me the heck out. ewwww.
-you'd know I am crazy about my family and friends
-you'd know I hardly ever wear my seatbelt
-you'd know there is this athletic, crafty, vintage loving, fashion obsessed girl inside of me trying to get out
-you'd know I am hooked on diet Pepsi with lemon and honey mustard... NO WAY, not together!!!
- you'd know I have horrible eye sight
-you'd know music is so important to me
- you'd know I seriously considered joining the Air Force after high school
- you'd know I am on pinterest wayyyyyy too much
- you'd know I barely ever have any cash on me
- you'd know I read my bible for a few minutes in my car when I first get to work in the am (if I don't have an appointment)
- you'd know people always spell my name, Kylie, even family members (fyi - it's Kiley)
- you'd know I love planning parties
- you'd know my celebrity crush is Shemar Moore - ooooooeeeee!!!
- you'd know I absolutely love the smell of rain
- you'd know I am constantly imagining everything I see as a photograph
- you'd know I am horrible at listening to voicemails and returning phone calls
- you'd know it annoys me when people burp or fart and don't say excuse me (sorry mom, I said the f-word!!!)
- you'd know that commercials on the radio get on my nerves... I'm always changing the channel if there are commercials
- you'd know it has always bugged me when people say 9-11 instead of September 11th
- you'd know I wish Colorado bordered Pennsylvania - miss you Traceo, Artie & baby Gio!!!
Kiley Anderson
and if you didn’t know… now you do :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

baby bump!!!

another unplanned pregnancy in our house...

baby bump time :)

my cat's baby bump, of course!!!
Yes... our sweet Sandy Jo is preggo!!!  Little did we know, the cat we named Charlotte should have really been named Charlie - thus, a pregnant Sandy Jo.  DOH!!!  Oh well, not much we can do about it.  Sandy Jo asked if she could do a pregnancy quiz and belly bump photo... what kind of momma would I be if I said no! :)  
How far along: neither momma nor I have any clue how far along I am... all I know is I am fat and the baby gates have to be left open now because I can't fit through them!
Weight gain: who cares :)  I got babies in my belly! 
 Maternity clothes: haha, no... but I'm sure these kids I live with would have a blast dressing me up!!!
Baby items: thankfully I am all my little babies will need :) although my momma did set up a nice little box for me with pretty pink sheets and blankets!
Sleep: allllll the time!!!  my favorite sleeping spot right now is on the dining room table... i can stretch out and usually no one bothers me :)
Best moment of the week: licking my momma's ice cream bowl... that was heaven! oh, and my dumb family finally figuring out the cat they were calling Charlotte was not a girl... duh... how'd you guys miss that?!?
Movement: yes!  these little ones kick constantly!  momma even felt them kick a few times :)
Food cravings: sardines...  ohhhh that sounds delicious but momma won't give in!
Gender: my guess is I will have 4 kittens... 3 female and 1 male 
 Labor signs: not yet... not too sure what to expect since this is my first time... too bad human labor and cat labor isn't the same, my momma sure has some experience in that one! (human labor of course)
Belly button in or out: what the hell is a belly button?!?  is that the thing my momma has pierced because she's trying to be hip and cool even though she's almost 30??  yea, that thing is weird... I'm happy I don't have one.
 What I miss: running fast and fitting through those darn gates!
What I'm looking forward to: meeting these adorable babies - and seeing the looks on my family's faces when I deliver... especially that big guy... he acts tough but I know he's gonna cry :)
Weekly wisdom: make sure you know what gender your cat is, for sure, before you bring him/her home!!!

Sandy Jo (and her family!) would appreciate your prayers as she prepares to bring her adorable, very unexpected, kittens into the world... and should you know anyone who wants a kitten, when they are ready of course, let me know :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Another thing crossed off my 30 before 30 list.

25. run one mile on my old high school track. [to erase the terrible memories of ‘mile run day’ in gym class.]

did it.  kicked that track’s butt.   

okay, not really, but I did run one mile.


not the best mile time – I’m sure many of you could walk a mile faster than that – but for me, I’ll take it.

ya see, I’m used to running on my treadmill in my basement, which is very different than running outside (for me at least).  My lungs were on fire one lap into it but I pushed through it and can finally kiss those awful 'mile run day' memories goodbye!!!

 (on a side note: runner friends, what do I need to do differently while running on the treadmill to be better prepared for my next outside run?)