Thursday, February 27, 2014

for my children.

Once again - been a bad 'blogger' - but truthfully, I'm not really a blogger... 
I'm not a cleaver writer (I actually don't really enjoy it at all most times) - I don't have wonderful words of wisdom to share with the world - I don't have special talents or a business to blog about.  I do, however, have 3 children I want to write for.  So, I'd like to eliminate the title of 'blogger' and simply call myself 'mom' - a mom who wants to document special parts of her children's lives so they have something fun to look back on and read - and yes, share it on the world wide web so family and friends can have a peak too!

now that all that jazz is out of the way, I will share a few fun things happening here...
after 7+ years we are done with diapers!  Gage is now potty trained and I am loving it!!!
(so is the budget.)
Gabby is officially registered for preschool!  I have no doubt she's going to have a blast - I'm SUPER excited!!!
Gavin is doing really well in 1st grade and he's now signed up for baseball starting next month!!! (pray I can juggle working full time, getting home, making dinner and lugging all 3 kids to baseball practice by myself since Steven works 2nd shift... yikes!)
One struggle we've been having is aggression - these 3 love being physical with each other - punching, kicking, pushing, wrestling - it's awful.  I sure hope they work themselves out of this phase because I'm over it :)