Monday, January 28, 2013

week #3 - 17.5 miles

can't say it was a great running week for this chick - although I did have my longest run yet this week :)  {but I also had a very humbling, really need to get outside and run moment on Friday}  It was the week all women just love... yea, that one... yipeeeeee... aunt flow was in town.  I have a cyst on my left ovary and holy crap it hates when I run. 

anyway... here's what my week looked like... 

Monday, Jan. 21st: total 5.18 miles

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd: total 3.56 miles - miserable run w/lots of ovary pain

Wednesday, Jan 23rd: rest - crazy day @ work :(

Thursday, Jan. 24th: total 6.66 miles!!!  (eeeeee, just a smidge over half way there!!!)

Friday, Jan 25th: total 2.31 miles
 I only had 40 minutes at the gym before I needed to get home because of the weather... also, this run really made me realize how badly I need to get outside to start training.  While walking into the gym my feet were covered in snow, wet and super cold... well, I was rushing to get changed and get on the treadmill and didn't take time to warm them up or dry them off... so my feet were freeeeeezing cold the entire run... which made me miserable.  I just wasn't used to that.  But, it got me thinking, what the heck am I going to do if, come race day, it's wicked cold and rainy???  This was definitely motivation for me to get outside, trouble is, I don't really have any good gear for outdoor running in the winter, nor do I have a GPS to track my distance, time or pace.  any recommendations for cold weather gear or a beginner level (cheap but decent) GPS?!?

3 weeks down... 10 more to go...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

a little fashion fun.

My parents renewed my People Style Watch subscription for Christmas... such a great gift!  (thanks Mom and Dad!!!)  I was looking through the new Feb. 2013 issue the other day and saw a ton awesome stuff that I just LOVE.  I also saw some not so awesome stuff and kinda thought it would be fun to share just a couple of the things I found. 

wedge sneakers... ummmmm... yuck!!!
I just don't really get it I guess.  These things are hideous. 
these navy wedges are gorgeous... and Princess Kate wears them all the time... I'm sold!!!

  I also was drooling over this necklace... such a good mix of class and funk :)
one other fav I spotted... I'm addicted to flats (thanks again Mom!!!)... and these are super fun!
okay, what the hay... while I've got fashion on the brain I'll post some of the recent adorable fashion pics I've seen on pinterest...  ohhhhhhh pinterest :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

week #2 - 22.5 miles

this week had some super high points and some pretty low points... but I'm just going to focus on the high points.  I do realize I need to find a good training program and really stick to it because at this point all I'm doing is running which I know is going to wear me out eventually.  It's tough because I've been feeling really good, most days, and have really seen a lot of changes in my endurance but I also know lifting and cross training and getting outside to run are key components of training too.

{haha... I type like I actually know what I'm talking about... I have NO freakin clue... I'm about as rookie as they get when it comes to athletic stuff and running.}

Monday, Jan. 14: total 4.39 miles

Tuesday, Jan. 15: off - I had a late work appointment and didn't get home until after 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 16: total 3 miles - no picture...

Thursday, Jan 17: total 5.1 miles

Friday, Jan 18: total 4.1 miles

Saturday, Jan. 19: total 6.1 miles

yep, I'm a nasty, sweaty, gross, ewwwwy mess but man did I feel good!!! 

2 weeks down... 11 more to go...

Monday, January 21, 2013

meatball mashup...

it's been a while since I've posted about the meatballs so here's a little peak into what they've been up to...

Gavin - we got him signed up for another season of t-ball!!!  He was really hoping to play instructional baseball this season but they changed the rules and you have to be 7 years old during the season but he won't turn 7 until October.  Oh well, I'm sure he will have a ton of fun.  He is LOVING kindergarten and is learning so much.  It's amazing to watch him do his homework, read his site words, talk about his friends and get so excited about going back to school the next morning.  He can be a mean little meatball if he doesn't get his way but we are working through that.

Gabrielle - oh this girl is a freakin handfull.  yikes.  Someone please tell me again, why did I want a daughter so badly?!?  I kid, I kid... she's wonderful and such a blessing but boy she's a tough cookie.  She recently got her first hair cut, which was super exciting for me but she could have cared less.  We didn't get much cut, just her ends that were real straggly and yucky but she looks super cute :)  Our little miss is now fully potty trained too, bout darn time!!!  
 Gage - this kid is such a darn bookworm, I love it!!! He could sit and read the same book over and over and over and would be happy as pie. As soon as he wakes up most mornings he brings a book out that he wants to read. And... get this... Gage finally gets a bath without throwing a tantrum. He actually now loves the bath and throws a tantrum when it's time to get out. I can't believe it took 2 stinkin years to get the kid to enjoy the bath but we finally made it. Now, if I could just get him to cooperate when changing his diaper and not want to run around naked all the time!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

week #1 - 11.5 miles

I started 'training' for the half marathon last week... not real sure I can call it training yet since I'm not following a plan, just kinda winging it for now.  [i know, find a training plan, yea yea, I will!!!]  I did 4.3 miles on Monday, 30 minutes on the bike and a 2 mile run on Tuesday, took a rest day on Wednesday, 60 minutes on the bike on Thursday and 5.2 miles on Friday.

yep... that's right... my once super lazy, excuse making self ran [slowly] 5.2 miles.  It took me 70 minutes, which puts me right around a 13:30 minute mile pace... definitely on the slower side... but let's remember who we are talking about here.  I couldn't even run a mile without stopping two months ago.

week #1 total: apx 11.5 miles

Thank you to all my runner friends for your encouragement and tips!!!  Not real sure what week #2 of training will look like... maybe it's time I focus and find a training program that will work well for me.  I don't know why I've been so hesitant to commit to one but I definitely understand it's the best way to go.

okay, now I'm rambling on...  thanks for listening, for caring and for motivating me :):):)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas catch-up...

We had a nice Christmas season this year, full of family, fun and fellowship.  It was busy and quite hectic at times but overall, very enjoyable.  The meatballs were beyond spoiled and now have more toys than minutes in the day to play with them!!!
photo overload in...