Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today has been one of the worst days ever...

An expectant mother who had been working with our agency on her adoption plan had an emergency c-section this evening; her amniotic fluid was low and I believe there were some other pretty serious circumstances so the doctors decided it was time for this little lady to join the 'outside' world.  They did the c-section and the baby had some respitory distress.  They worked on her for over 2 hours and were going to fly her to Hershey Medical Center (which was actually where a co-worker and I already were meeting with another couple).. but the baby didn't make it.  They could not get her breathing and she passed away.  I've never had this happen before.. the hard part (besides the obvious pain) is this mother is not my direct client.. she is the client of one of our other counselors who works out of our State College satelite office.. this was her first client she has had.. her first potential placement.. how do you help someone through such a tragedy..  I'm just so sad for this mom, for our worker and for the adoptive family the mom had selected to parent this child.  My heart breaks for everyone involved.

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