Friday, May 7, 2010


I was looking through all my old facebook photos trying to find a photo of Gavin from when he was 10 months old - I am trying to envision how big Gabby is going to be when Gum Drop arrives.  I came across some adorable photos (well, they are all adorable!) and thought I'd share.  I can't believe Gavin went from this..
to this..
to this..
to this..
what a handsome boy!!

I can't believe that in 5 months he will be 4 years old.. that seems SO old to me!  He is a boy now, not a toddler and while I am so excited to see him grow it makes me so sad that he is no longer my sweet baby boy..

He is an AWESOME big brother.. seriously couldn't have asked for a better adjustment.  Gabby truly adores him and has started to 'talk' to him, which he just thinks it the coolest thing!!  Gavin has such a sweet disposition, I hope that doesn't change.  He's so loving and thoughtful - even tells me thank you for making him dinner (when I do make it!)  He has great manners and is just a joy.  I am excitied to see how he reacts to his little brother - who he refers to as his baby boy that he is going to name Abby's Flying Fairy School (it's a clip on Sesame Street).. what a silly goose.  I'm so lucky to be his mommy =)

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Meant to be a mom said...

These pictures are so sweet and cute! I bet 4 years just fly by.
I hope you had a great mothers day:)