Wednesday, May 26, 2010

19 weeks!

(I cannot get this font un-bolded, which is irritating me but I am not rewriting it!)  So I have never been late with a belly post (I always post them on Tuesday) – not even during my pregnancy with Gabby – but this one is late – and I have good reason!  I spent all afternoon and evening at the hospital.. 6 hours actually.  I had been having a lot of pain and discomfort the entire day, mostly on my left side and where my cyst is.  At times the pain would shoot across my tummy.  I tried to drink water, rest and take Tylenol but for some reason yesterday nothing was helping so I called my OBGYN.  They tried to get me in to one of their offices to be seen but had no openings so they told me to go to triage at Women & Babies.  I had 4 different ultrasounds, a urine sample and blood work done.  The results from the ultrasounds showed that everything appears ‘pretty normal.’  I had a scan of basically everything from my cervix up – my lungs, my kidneys, my gallbladder, my spleen – pretty much everything.  I also had an internal ultrasound done because they wanted to check my cervix - I was having some contractions and they wanted to make sure those contractions weren't changing my cervix at all.  I didn’t get to see the baby at all – bummer – but I did hear his heart beat which sounded lovely – and was a HUGE relief.  Steven got to see the baby for a minute or two but I couldn’t see the screen.  Oh well, we have our ultrasound on Friday and I know I’ll be able to see him then! =)  I’m happy to know everything is okay and the pain is actually gone today, go figure.  I wish I would have just ‘sucked it up’ yesterday but I was worried and in pain.

I seriously could have punched the one nurse in the face.  She was hooking me up to the contraction monitor but told me she wasn't going to worry about the baby's heart rate monitor because at this point it's not a viable pregnancy and the baby would die if he was born today.  Thanks..a lot..I'm scared, in pain and emotional and you feel the need to throw in my face that if my Gum Drop is born today he will die.. how nice of you.

Here's my weekly quiz - just a day late =)

How far along: 19 weeks 4 days
Weight gain:
I'm up about 3 pounds
Maternity clothes:
pants = yes.  some maternity shirts are still a little too big.  I finally went through my closet and sorted through all my maternity clothes to figure out what still fits and what needs to hit the road =)
Stretch marks:
I haven't spotted any new ones.
never enough.. won't ever feel like enough =)
Best moment of the week:
I definitely felt Gum Drop move Monday night.  I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and I felt a couple kicks.  I could even feel them with my hand on my tummy which was very exciting!!
Movement: see best moment!
Food cravings:
diner food - I've been wanting to go to the Gap Diner recently - who knows why, I'm just craving it - and I haven't been there in.. at least 4 1/2 years!
Labor signs:
no no no.
Belly button in or out:
What I miss:
same old stuff - this week it's really been my pre-Gabby clothes - I feel so frumpy and 'out of style' in my maternity/fat clothes =)
What I'm looking forward to:
our BIG ultrasound on Friday!!!  Although we already know the gender it will still be so exciting to see our Gum Drop again!  And to find out if he is growing and developing just the way he should!
Weekly wisdom:  one step at a time..

Your baby's sensory development is exploding! Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Some research suggests that she may be able to hear your voice now, so don't be shy about reading aloud, talking to her, or singing a happy tune if the mood strikes you. Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches, head to bottom. Her arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of her body now.

week 19 baby

week 19 mango

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Ashleigh said...

"Could have punched her" is an understatement Ky! I would have kicked that nurse's arse for saying that to me! (At least verbally) How ridiculously rude and un-sympathetic. Boooo to her!

Glad everything is ok. Did they find anything that would point to the source of the pain?

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, I would have asked to speak with one of her superiors. That is so not right. What a b*$#@!
I'm sorry your nurse said that to you. That was extremely unprofessional and wrong of her. She does not deserve to be a nurse if she is rude and has no compassion whatsoever for her patients.

I'm so glad everything is ok. I would have been worried to. If nothing else you got to make sure and you have peace of mind. I did the same thing when I was pregnant and I was having pains.
Its worth it to get it checked for your babies sake. It could be nothing but you never know?

Happy 19 weeks.
Can't wait to hear how your ultrasound goes Friday :)

Melinda said...

WHAT?!?! I can't believe she said that to you! Did you report it to anyone? During my labor my nurse was a nightmare (I thougth John was going to kill her, I was in WAY too much pain) and I have kicked my self almost everyday for the last 7 1/2 years for not doing something about it at the time! Never be afraid to ask for a new nurse if they do something out of line!!!!! Brooke's delivery was an awful experience but had I gotten a new nurse it may not have been ! :(
Glad to hear Gumdrop is OK and you are feeling better! I think of you often, wondering how you do it with the exhaustion of pregnancy and nighttime feedings and being a working mom, you are amazing!!!!!