Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gabby is 5 months old!!

Holy smokes, almost half a year has passed with our beautiful little lady!  She is truly a joy and I feel so blessed to be her mama!!  Everything seems to be going so quickly - before we know it her little brother will be here =)  I love Gabby more each day; being a mommy is simply incredible.  She really is a daddy's girl but I'm holding out and hoping she'll be 'my girl' when she's older!  [I am picturing shopping trips, salon days and sleepovers!]
  • I'm sure you weigh at least 16 pounds, probably more
  • You drool like crazy but no sign of any teeth yet
  • Pacifiers aren't nearly as fun to suck on as your shirt and/or bib
  • Daddy can make you laugh like crazy!! You don't give mommy such loud, happy laughs but that's okay
  • Your hair is growing and is a pretty light shade of brown
  • Your eyes are still a beautiful blue and you have gorgeous long eye lashes - I wonder if they will change color or stay blue - personally I hope they stay just the way they are - but that's completely out of my hands =)
  • Bath time = lots of smiles!
  • You are still in size 2 diapers; I bought a box of size 3 and they are just a tad too big
  • Many of your outfits are 3-6 months but with this warmer weather I've been putting you in dresses and they are 6-9 months; many of them are mini skirts since you are so long!
  • Tonight was the first night I put cereal in your bottle; hopefully it will keep you asleep!
  • You are eating 6 to 8 ounces per feeding and are still eating about 6 bottles a day
  • On April 16th you rolled from your back to your belly and now you're a pro!  You still haven't rolled from your belly to your back; probably because you hate being on your tummy!
  • You are great at holding toys and already seem to have a couple favorites
  • I have a feeling you will be sitting by yourself in the next month or so; you are getting stronger each day!
 oh yes, I snapped this just at the right moment  - needless to say this was our last photo =)

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