Tuesday, November 24, 2009

37 weeks = FULL TERM = a watermelon!!

Praise God!  We have made it to full term :o)  I feel so insanely blessed for so many reasons - no complications at all during this pregnancy, Gummy Bear has looked great, my hubby has been super understanding and wonderful through this pregnancy and I never had to miss one day of work!  I've tried to keep my complaints to a minimum because I am very grateful but it has been hard recently.. talk about discomfort and pain and lack of sleep and anxiety and hormones and fears and okay, that's enough!  It's so strange to think that in 3 weeks Gabrielle will likely be here, in my arms and I am sure she will be the most beautiful baby girl anyone has ever seen ;o)  I do still have some things to get done before she arrives but technically, because I am full term, my labor could begin at any time and she would be just fine.  Hopefully I can get some of the last minute stuff done this weekend.

Is Thanksgiving really this Thursday, one day away??  Thanksgiving.. really.. that just seems completely insane to me.  I am definitely looking forward to the holiday - getting to spend time with family and friends, enjoying some time off work and hopefully getting some cute family photos of Steven, Gav, me and the belly :o)  I can't say I'm real excited about the Thanksgiving meal - I don't like turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes or gravy - I usually end up eating pickles, corn and rolls.  I am however very very excited about apple pie - hopefully one of the 3 houses we are going to for a holiday meal will have an apple pie - if not I may just have to bake one myself ;o)

37 week quiz:
How far along: 37 weeks 1 day 
Weight gain: +30 lbs 
Stretch marks: yes - as I said before there is no hiding them in the photos below so I am just trying to adjust to them. 
Any new baby items: one adoptive family I work with sent me an adorable outfit and a toy for baby Gabrielle - so sweet!!  Also, I had a CPR training for the interim care families I work with and they surprised me with a mini baby shower - so thoughtful!!  We received some adorable outfits, a great book, some beautiful hand-made blankets, diapers and wipes.  One of the interim care moms even made me an amazing cake - and it was delicious!!  I didn't get any photos of anything because I didn't have my camera since it was a surprise, but hopefully I can get some photos from the families because I know some of them did take photos.  It's so incredible to be surrounded by such caring, selfless, strong Christians even through my work. 
Any new maternity items: nope.. probably won't get anything new at this point.
Sleep: I've discovered a trick - when I need to roll over to my right side I grab on to the edge of the bed and pull, it really makes rolling over so much easier [but makes me feel huge!] :o)  I haven't gotten a lot of sleep lately, mainly because I can't get comfortable in bed and because my head has been spinning a lot.  My potty trips have decreased lately but I doubt that will last. 
Movement: yes, she is still moving but I can certainly tell she's running out of room.. I cannot wait to see those little feet that have been kicking me ;o)
Gender: if Gummy Bear is a boy then, like I said before, he's really going to hate his room, his name and all of his clothes!
Belly button in or out: out.
Labor signs: nope.
Best moment of the week: definitely making it to the full term marker and knowing that Gabrielle is ready for the outside world!!!
What I'm looking forward to: Thanksgiving with family and friends, celebrating my niece's 12th birthday, wrapping up our Christmas shopping, and of course meeting baby Gabrielle and seeing Gavin meet his baby "sisser" :o)
What I miss: feeling "normal" - sleeping on my belly - sleeping comfortably - wine - all the stuff I've listed for the past 20 weeks or so ;o)
Weekly wisdom: It's the small stuff..
Milestones: Congratulations — your baby is full term! This means that if your baby arrives now, his lungs should be fully mature and ready to adjust to life outside the womb, even though your due date is still three weeks away.  Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches.


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