Monday, November 9, 2009

35 - 35

Too cool - today I am 35 weeks pregnant - 35 days until my due date!!  That makes me smile :o)  We had a pretty productive weekend which feels great - but I still have a lengthy to do/to buy list.  I thought I'd post the list here and cross things out as they are completed.  I am going to add the items we completed this weekend just so I feel a little peace that we're getting things done!  If anyone wants to help with the list let me know (especially #5 and #13) ;o)

1. Unpack and clean car seat
2. Go through and organize Gav's downstairs toys
3. Set up pack-n-play downstairs
4. Purchase a light for the living room
5. Clean entire house from floor to ceiling
6. Catch up on photos for Gabrielle's album
7. Start writing in her baby book
8. Charge all the camera batteries
9. Empty all the memory cards
10. Work on birth plan
11. Arrange playlists on iPod for labor and delivery
12. Wash clothes, bedding, whatever else needs washed
13. Bath and groom the dogs
14. Make list of hospital bag items
              - purchase any items needed for hospital bag
              - pack my hospital bag
              - pack Steven's hospital bag
              - pack Gabrielle's hospital bag
              - pack big brother's bag
15. Attend Learning to Breastfeed class on Saturday
16. Finish Christmas shopping
17. Purchase last minute items for Gabrielle
18. Buy video tapes
19. Move Gav's car seat and install car seat bases
20. Clean my bedroom and make room for bassinet
21. Move bassinet into my bedroom

I will continue to add to and cross off items - I know this isn't a fun post for everyone but it certainly helps me to stay organized and focused!!

Happy Monday :o)

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