Monday, July 26, 2010

Houston we have a tooth!

Gabby's first tooth is popping through and I don't think the second is very far behind.  The one I spotted today is the bottom front left tooth, I see a teeny weeny white coming through.  I think the right one will be coming through tomorrow or Wednesday - poor girl has been cranky lately so I certainly hope them finally breaking through will help her feel better!

On a totally different note - is it hard to make your own baby food??  I went to target tonight to buy baby food and man it's expensive.  It can't be too hard to make your own but I'm a real dumb-dumb in the kitchen so maybe for me it will be hard..

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Kelly said...

Yeah....a tooth! Both my other 2 kids had 2-3 teeth by now and Kenzie has none. She chews on everything like I am hoping soon!
Also...making baby food is easy. I wrote a post about it here...