Friday, July 2, 2010


As I said in my last post my mind has been mush lately.. tonight I will blame it on the fire breathing dragon lurking in my throat.. he won't leave me alone.. how about I name him Blaze.. yes that sounds good!  Blaze does not seem to be accepting of his tums medicine tongith.. he's continuing to spit his nasty fire at me and it hurts, a lot! I have lots of random things on my mind but can't seem to focus on one thing.. here are some of my random thoughts.

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this bedding set. (and it's 20% off right now!)
I really want to get my hair cut like this but know I will regret it after..

I wish I could afford to be a stay-at-home mom.  I stayed home with Gavin until he was 8 months old and although it was very very difficult at times I really really miss my kiddos during the day.  I know financially it just can't happen right now, especially with Gum Drop on his way but a girl can dream =)  I definitely admire and respect women (or men) who stay home and care for their families day in and day out - it's not easy - and is certainly more difficult than most full time jobs. 

My daughter is a freakin' rolling machine.. she is rolling and scooting allllll over the place.  I am not ready for her to be mobile.  I mean, I'm excited for her to be growing and developing, it's just all happening SO SO SO fast.  Before we know it her little brother will be rolling all over the place too.

Which leads me to my next random though - Mr. Gum Drop.  He is still nameless, although I think I 'finally' have a favortie.  I'm still working on hubbs a little - I have two very special middle names I'd like to give him but he's not feelin' that - thinks it's too much - so we'll see.  I'm also surprised at the amount of stuff we need for him even though we already have two kiddos.  We need a crib and bedding - since Gabby will still be in her crib.. we need a high chair (I really like the space saver fisherprice chair) - since Gabby will still need her high chair - we'll need new carseats - we'll need a double stroller - we'll need an extra set of hands or 2 - we'll need.. okay, that's enough for now.  I need a money tree =)

Leads me to my next random though - debt and money.  I've always been anxious about money.. I love to shop.. I enjoy getting a cart, putting my purse in the cart, pulling out my list and coupons, scanning shelves for products, placing products in the cart, crossing them off my list.. I do not enjoy paying.  I could shop every day of the week (I definitely don't but I know I could)  I've got to figure out a way to be smarter with our money - I'm not stupid with it by any means.. I'm a smart gal and am very aware of what's necessary, what's not and when enough is enough.. but I feel like we could do more with what we have, ya know.  I'd like to read a good 'financial security' or debt book.. if anyone has suggestions send them my way.  I really want to be proactive in regards to college funds and retirement but that's hard when some months are almost paycheck to paycheck.  I want to stretch what we have as far as possible and need some insight as to how to do that.

Speaking of stretching, I really need to get my butt on that exercise bike.  I feel like a giant tub of flab.. blah!  I may look into doing weight watchers after the baby arrives.. I've seen sevearl success stories online using weight watchers.  I'm a picky eater, hate to cook and would be very content eating cereal or peanut butter and jelly every night for dinner but that just won't work for my family.  I really think some sort of structure will be helpful for me with losing weight.  At my college graduation I was the same weight I was in 5th grade (136 lbs - yes, I was a chubby kid!) and my goal after Mr. Gum Drop arrives is to make it back to a healthy and strong 140, which is where I was before I got pregnant with Gabby.  I'm hopeful! (and hungry.. too bad the frosted flakes are gone..)

Okay, enough randomness for now, it's bedtime!

Oh yea, I forgot, I LOVE the new show BostonMed.. SO good.

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Brandon said...

Since you asked for financial book recommendations, I recommend anything by Dave Ramsey. I have a book or two you could borrow, or I have a set of 10 audio CDs from the seminars he does. He also has a radio show and a web site. He is a Christian and incorporates faith at points. He is also very opinionated! Let me know if you want to borrow anything. If you are not interested and just venting, that's fine, too. :-) Christina Meshey