Friday, July 23, 2010

chubby cheeks!

So I had my gestational diabetes test this morning and that drink is so disgusting - it's like fruit punch mixed with the craziest energy drink on steroids - super nasty - but done, thank goodness.  Hopefully I will pass the test and won't have to go back for a 3 hour test.  After my lovely cocktail I had an ultrasound and got to see my Mr. Gum Drop!  He now weighs about 2 lbs 10 oz which puts him around the 53rd percentile for weight.  All of his measurements were great; my only concern is that he is breech right now.. basically just like the frank breech baby in this photo..
The midwife said not to worry, there is still time for him to turn and plenty of room so I'm really really really hoping that he turns!!  He actually had his feet and his hands over his face for most of the ultrasound but I did get to see a couple cute shots of his face - his nose, his mouth, his chubby little cheeks.. SO cute!!  What a beautiful blessing.. very unexpected.. but beautiful =)

Weight: I gained 4 lbs since my last visit - so according to the doctor's scale I am up 12 pounds total but according to our home scale I'm only up 10 pounds (I like the home scale better!)
Blood pressure: 113/65
Urine: forgot to ask and the nurse didn't tell me so I have no idea!
Heartbeat: 150 bpm!!
Next appointment: August 3rd - I start going every 2 weeks now..

Hard to believe I will be full term in 9 weeks.. man this pregnancy is flying by!  (I will try to post one of the ultrasound photos soon so everyone can admire his chubby little cheeks!)

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Kristi said...

I was born frank breech, and I survived! I turned at the last second, entering the world butt first! No makes a great story ;o)