Saturday, March 27, 2010

4th Wedding Anniversary!

We have such a fun story (well I think it's fun) - and I love to share it with people, so here goes!

One random day while working in the photo lab at the local WalMart my coworker Donna asks if I would be interested in going on a blind date.  I had just graduated from college and was really really enjoying the single, doing whatever I want kind of life (since I had just spent the last 3 years in a serious relationship) so I was very hesitant to agree to a blind date.  At that time I had little zero interest in dating but thought it would be a fun experience and had the "what the heck attitude."  I agreed to the blind date after Donna told me a little bit more about her nephew Steven.  We thought it would be a good idea for us to meet at WalMart with Donna there so she could introduce us and I would have an escape if I needed one =)  

Our blind date was on Saturday, June 11, 2005 - one of the most fun days of my life!  We seemed to hit it off immediately.. we were both a little shy but that didn't hinder our conversation.  Steven and I walked out to his truck, he opened my car door (and has every day since!) and we on our way to dinner at Friendly's!  It was a very nice, comfortable 'get to know you' dinner.  We decided after to stop and pick up a 6-pack of Yuengling and head back to his aunt Donna's house to hang out and get to know each other a little more.  We all ended up hanging out until about 4 a.m., at which point we decided to head back to WalMart to pick up supplies and food for our random, planned at the last minute BBQ we were having the next day (or later that day since it was 4 a.m.!)  Steven, myself and his cousin David (also a WalMart coworker) filled up a cart with BBQ goodies and all headed home around 5:30 a.m.  I got a sweet innocent hug from Steven with a promise I would see him in a few hours.  

I ended up being a little late for the BBQ because I was so nervous.  I was nervous because I knew Steven was really nice and I really enjoyed spending time with him but I didn't want to get too attached because I wasn't sure what he thought of me and I really wasn't looking for a serious relationship.  I was also nervous because I was going to be meeting more of his family and I would have to be in a bathing suit for most of the day since aunt Donna has a sweet pool.  We all had a blast at the BBQ and I again spent most of the evening with Steven and didn't get home until very late.  No kiss that night either, just a sweet hug. 

The week went by and Steven stopped down at WalMart a few times, even brought me flowers thanking me for such a  fun weekend!  We went out to dinner again to Friendly's, went back to his aunt's house for a while then he drove me home and it happened.. our first kiss.. in his red dodge truck.. in front of my parents house.. around 3:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 18, 2005.. the kiss that started it all.. I knew he was the one.. I knew that despite really not wanting a serious relationship I could not let this guy go.. it was all that a first kiss could be and more!

To make a long, beautiful, romantic story short.. just kidding, it really was short.. 
50 days after our first date, on Sunday, July 31, 2005 we were engaged!!  
6 months after that on Friday, January 27, 2006 I discovered I was pregnant with Gavin.. 
2 months after that on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 we were married in Honolulu, Hawaii in the pouring rain.  And it has been a beautiful, amazing, fun, challenging, loving 4 years and I would not trade a single second of any of it.  It's so hard to believe how much our life has changed in just four short years.. a beautiful son, new jobs, new cars, new friends, new family traditions, a beautiful daughter and now another beautiful child on the way!  We are so blessed.
Steven, you know I love you with all my heart and I am so thankful for you (and to aunt Donna for setting us up).  You are my dream come true =)  You are an amazing husband and an amazing father and I cannot wait to spend the next 75 years with you! (and have lots of babies like the!)  JUST KIDDING!!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Awe, I love the stories of how people meet. So fun. Its always like something out of a movie. You have a super sweet story, and such beautiful kids to prove the love. =)