Monday, March 15, 2010

family fun!

We had a great weekend!  Saturday the kids and I went to Park City with my mom and my niece Shayna aka Noodle.  Noodle has a Father-Daughter dance coming up for Girl.Scouts so we were on the hunt for a nice dress.  We met at Boscov's and enjoyed a morning of trying on dresses and looking at baby clothes.  After we found the dress - after Noodle tried on about 20! - we headed to Friendly's for lunch - yum!  The kids were great during lunch.  Gav had a blast playing with his Grammie and he of course got another matchbox car from her so he was a happy dude.  It was nice to sit and chat with my mom and Noodle - she is just growing up SO fast.  I can remember so clearly the day she was born... November 25, 1997 - 3:17 p.m. - 5 pounds 15 ounces.  (Her daddy and I still argue about the time she was born but I am 100% right, sorry Uncle Odie!)  My sweet little Noodle is turning into such a sweet young lady =)

On Sunday evening we went out to dinner with most of Steven's family - his brother Gene, his wife Judith, their son Jordan, his brother Chris and his wife Christy, their friends Natalie and Travis who are now 'adopted Andersons' and are considered aunt and uncle, Steven's youngest brother Michael and his girlfriend Amanda, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Donna and Uncle DD.  We had a total of 16 people which made for a very enjoyable and loud dinner =)  We had to sit at separate tables which was kind of a bummer but we still managed to have a great time.  I think my silly son had the most fun out of everyone.  He loves the attention he gets from family members and just feeds off everyone's laughs.  As we were walking out to the parking lot Gav was walking with Natalie and Christy.  He was holding Natalie's hand and when we got out to the parking lot we noticed that he wouldn't let go.  I decided on a whim to invite everyone back to our house since we only lived about 15 minutes from the restaurant.  (thankfully the house wasn't too messy!)  Gavin was very quick to invite Natalie back to his house and even said that she needed to ride with him.  [he would not let go of her hand!]  So most of the gang decided to come back to our house for a bit and guess who rode with us back to our house.. Natalie!  Gavin was so excited that he tried to move his seat into the back so he could sit next to her.  Steven did put his seat in the back and Natalie climbed in the back with him!  She was such a trooper through all of it - I'm sure she didn't envision her evening being a "date" with a 3 year old!  So we joked the whole way home about this being Gavin's first date and how it was nice that his daddy and I got to chauffeur them around!  We even did a hand check half way home to make sure they weren't holding hands =)  Gavin had a great time on the drive home and was in heaven when we all got back to the house because everyone played hockey and cars with him - his 2 most favorite activities right now!

Thank you to our wonderful families for a great and memorable weekend!!  Thank you to my momma for buying the kiddos some super cute clothes =)  She bought Gavin a t-shirt that has a guitar on it and says "My Mom Rocks!" and for buying me my much needed Clinique foundation!  (this pregnancy has really taken a toll on my skin and I was in desperate need of more foundation!)

Here are some photos from our fun weekend!  (I'm bummed I didn't take my camera to the mall with me so I don't have any photos of dress shopping or Friendly's - I know, me, not take my camera, what?!!)
I love how she has her feet crossed!
Uncle DD getting Gavin all hyped up with cupcakes!
this is Natalie, Gavin's 'date' =)
Gabby was trying to sit up in her seat - and she has started to grab a hold of toys and put them in her mouth!
amazed by the birdie on her seat!
bed head =)
(I didn't take any time to edit these photos so the lighting isn't great in some but they will just have to do!  The lighting doesn't change the extreme cuteness!!)

OH!  While we were out last night everyone was asking if we are going to use another "G" name for baby Gum Drop.  Steven and I still are not sure what we are going to do but I thought I'd do a poll to see what everyone thinks.  Be sure to vote on the poll - it's on the left side of the blog - I think there is only 4 votes so far so please vote!! 

Okay, that's enough for now.. I hope everyone has a magnificent Monday!


La Familia Garcia said...

Love the bedhead too! I voted. Just stick with Gumdrop! haha. We have "A" names running in our family, but not on purpose. We do have one child with a non-A name and he doesn't seem to mind a bit! We always tell them the stories of how they got their name.

Kelly said...

adorable pictures! Looks like everyone had fun! Also, Makenzie has the same pink and white stripe outfit...I love it!