Tuesday, March 30, 2010

11 weeks & fun photos!

I really need to get to bed so I am going to post a ton of photos then my weekly belly stuff - maybe I will get around to typing an 'update' about the kiddos soon - they are both so darn cute =)  {Gettysburg, Swedish fish (thanks to her daddy!), park fun & Baltimore!

How far along: 11 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: still +1 based on the DR's scale.
Maternity clothes: I've got to wear maternity pants because I don't fit in my 'pre-Gabby' pants so my only option is my maternity pants for the 3 pairs of pants I bought at Goodwill after I had Gabby.
Sleep: sleeping well.. having some crazy dreams but overall I can't complain - although I still feel exhausted all the time.
Best moment this week: spending the weekend with Steven celebrating our anniversary!! =)
Movement: nope.
Food cravings: diet pepsi/coke with lemon.
Gender: boy.. I will be very surprised if little Gum Drop is a girl.
Labor Signs: nope - not for another 25 weeks or so!
Belly Button in or out: in.
What I miss: same ol' stuff - currently I really miss my old clothes.. I feel like I wear the same things over and over because I don't have much that fits. After this kiddo arrives I've got to get my butt back in shape so I can get into all those clothes again!
What I am looking forward to: Easter with family and friends, taking the kiddos to meet the Easter bunny tomorrow, dying eggs this weekend.
Weekly wisdom: "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along."
Milestones: Maybe you’ve noticed… your baby is a super-duper grower! Your lil' fetus will be gaining a substantial amount of weight this week and has already achieved fruit-size-status comparable to a plum. What's more, your little scientist is already starting to explore their body, focusing most intently on touching their head, and especially their face and mouth. Their mouth in particular will provide them with hours of entertainment. This happens not only because your baby is gaining coordination, and is therefore able to move a hand on command, but also because their palms have gained sensation and can actually “feel” what it touches.They're also developing their swallow reflex this week. And lastly, your baby's smelling and other olfactory senses will begin developing this week, which when combined with the maturing taste buds, will provide your baby with their first experiences of taste and smell.
 11 weeks 3 days

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