Friday, January 29, 2010

grab bag!

I haven't posted anything with much content recently so I figured it was time for a good post..

Gabby is doing well!  We are starting to get into somewhat of a good night time routine - bottle and bedtime when Daddy leaves for work around 9:30 p.m. then she's up again about 6 or 7 hours later for another bottle.  Now this isn't every night but it's been fairly consistent for the past week or so.  We still don't have much of a daytime routine, hopefully Steven will get that worked out when he has her home with him during the day.  She doesn't cry too much - usually just when she's really really tired or really hungry.  It amazes me that sometimes after feeding her I lie her in her bassinet while she is still awake and she soothes herself right to sleep!! Hopefully this will continue when we start putting her in her crib.  (which I think we are going to try this weekend!)
I know her eyes won't stay blue but they still look pretty!!

 Gavin is doing well too!  We bought Candy.Land at Target over the weekend (for $4.00!) and he has really caught on!  We played for a while last night while Gabby napped and he loved it!  
the boy also loves his cars!

We also got the call that his new twin mattress has arrived and is ready to pick up at the store.  We are going to be getting the frame, box spring and headboard from my Aunt and Grammie's house this weekend.  Grammie hasn't been living at home for a few years now and the bed has been just sitting around so I asked if we could have it.  (my niece Shayna has the mattress)  My aunt and mom did not mind if we took the bed and truthfully I am super excited to have my Grammie's bed in my house!  It is the same bed she had in her home when I stayed with her (although she never slept in the bed because she always slept in her recliner in the living room while I slept on the sofa next to her.. even though I had my own room their too!)  We bought Gav new bedding - it's all washed and ready to go!  It's so hard to believe that he will be in a twin bed soon.. seems like just last week he was sleeping in his bed for the first time.. my goodness they do grow fast!

My momma shared a really great secret with me yesterday - I can't share it here because I know a lot of my family read this and she asked that I keep it to myself (I know, I know, I'm sorry!) but I just want her to know how extremely proud I am of her and that I believe in her!!  Just think of that cross-stitch piece of the Little Engine That Could Mom - YOU CAN DO IT!!

I, like many other people have been completely heart broken by the earthquake in Haiti.  For about 2 weeks after the quake I was hooked to CNN.  While watching one morning I was brought to tears (for the 4,000th time) when they showed an elderly man walking with a duffle bag in one hand and a Dora bag in the other - the reporter said, "all that this man has left in the world he is carrying in his hands."  That hit me.. hard.  We have donated some money - not a lot - but enough to feel good about our contribution and I continue to pray for the Haitians and everyone affected by this devastating earthquake.

I got my hair cut on Wednesday.. it was supposed to be a trim but I ended up with layers and super short pieces by my face.. clearly the lady cutting my hair did not listen to what I asked for and just did her own thing.  Oh well, it's only hair, it will grow back.  She asked about me going back to work after having the baby then asked what I do.. oh here goes!  It's so hard to explain my job to people and it was funny because Bethany actually has an advertisement for pregnancy counseling right outside Cost Cutters in the mall.  (yes, I'm cheap - I get $10 haircuts - that suck..)  I explained that I counsel pregnant women and sometimes couples who were not planning on becoming pregnant and really aren't sure what they are going to do.  I help them and counsel them through their decision making process - parenting or adoption.. and sometimes abortion.  (we are a pro-life agency - I just help them to understand the process of abortion and all that comes with that decision..)  I shared that it's a very emotional job yet very rewarding.  The hairdresser's first comment was, "oh, so you help girls give up their babies."  OUCH!!  NO.. I help them figure out what decision is best for them and for their baby - and if that decision is adoption then I help them find a loving family who is ready and waiting for a baby - and help them develop a relationship with that family - and I help them through their hospital time - and I counsel and support them after the birth of their baby - and I help facilitate meetings with them and the adoptive family.  Oh, I get so heated when comments like that are made, but I of course kept my cool and did my best to educate her about the option of adoption.  One client told me, "all I can give this baby is love and I know that's not enough."  Seriously, how strong and selfless must you be to realize this..

Moving on.. I started running again.. well, I don't think you can call it running.  I got on the treadmill Wednesday afternoon (after not running for 10 months) and about died.  I use to be able to run a few miles at a time with no problem and had really been wanting to get into more races but I now realize it will be a while before those happen.  I ran for 3 minutes yesterday and wanted to fall over.. yes, 3 minutes.  I ran for a total of 10 minutes yesterday.  That's so embarrassing to even type.  I ran again today, not great, but better.  I was able to do a steady run for 6 minutes.. better than 3 minutes but certainly not the 30 - 40 minutes I was doing a year ago.  I know I will get there and I have to give it time.. but my goodness I hate feeling this out of shape.  I still can't fit into many of my pre-baby clothes so I am heading to Goodwill next week to look for some inexpensive pants for work.  I refuse to buy new stuff from the store because I know I will loose the weight, I just need to give it some time.

Oh, and before I forget - I ordered 2 super adorable things for Gabby last night from this great site..  briar.claire 
this is the hat I ordered - I also ordered a headband =)

Okay, my sweet potato is awake - time for a bottle and cuddle time!!


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