Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gabrielle is 1 month old!

My little sweet potato is already one month old.. how is that possible?!  I continue to fall in love with her each time I see her beautiful face.  She has forever changed me and our family and we are so blessed to have her! Here is a snippet of your past month Miss Gabby!
  • You now weigh 9 lbs 8 oz and are 22 inches long!
  • You had your first visit with Santa and enjoyed your very first Christmas!
  • You helped Daddy celebrate his 32nd birthday and helped us ring in 2010!
  • You have taken trips to Target, Babies.R.Us and the mall - Mommy's little shopper!
  • Your eyelashes have grown a bunch the past month.
  • You're one of the only babies I know that doesn't hate tummy time.
  • You have a very loud cry when you are hungry.
  • You may hate me for this one.. but you are a very gassy girl!
  • You seem to enjoy baths.
  • You like to hear the water running when we are getting your bottles ready (just like your big brother when he was a baby!)
  • You have been amazing on car rides!
  • I cannot believe how strong your neck is already.
  • You have the most adorable dimples when you smile (which you still only seem to do when you have gas!)
  • You have really long fingers and finger nails.
  • The "It's Good" position has become your favorite way to lay. (this too was your big brother's favorite way to lay!)
  • You are still in newborn size clothing and are wearing size 1 diapers!
  • When you were about 2 1/2 weeks old you decided you did not like being wrapped up like a little burrito!
  • You are drinking anywhere from 2 to 5 ounces every 3ish hours.
  • You sleep a little longer at night.. there were 2 nights when you slept for 5 hours straight and 1 night when you slept for 7 hours straight!
  • You love to check out your surroundings and are definitely starting to respond to voices and faces.
  • You have the most adorable nose!

Gabby did see the doctor today for her one month well baby check up!  Dr. Scott said she looks wonderful and he even commented on her very petite little girly features =)  He said sometimes it's hard with newborns to determine their gender just by their facial features and joked that without the pink and blue blankets in the hospital he would have no idea 95% of the time but not with our little chick-a-dee!  Gabby got the second round of her hepB shot.. not fun!  My poor peanut cried good for about a minute but then we snuggled and she was fine.  We go back in a month for her 2 month well baby check!
the first photo is right before we left for the doctor - and check out her little boo-boo lip in the 3rd photo.. poor little girl!

After her doctor visit we went to Bethany so I could get my annual self-evaluation complete and so we could visit with all my awesome coworkers!  I caught the tail end of our staff meeting and decided it would be really neat to take a photo of my daughter with all my coworkers - these people are like family to me and are all so supportive and caring and inspiring Christians.  I miss these gals (and Mark, I guess!) and it looks like I will be putting on my "pregnancy counselor" hat again at the beginning of February.

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