Thursday, January 21, 2010

random 'me' post.

Lots of random me-related stuff to 'type' about:

I had my 6 week post-baby check up on Tuesday.  It was strange not having to pee in a cup =)  Blood pressure was good.. weight was okay.  I'm down 15 pounds from Gabby's birth but I still have 15 more pounds to shred to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I should have eaten healthier during my pregnancy - I was too busy enjoying the yummy goodness of cheese fries and ice cream {not together!} and I wasn't thinking about the cellulite and yucky flubber that would surely come.  I had to do a quiz about postpartum depression and the nurse asked me a bunch of questions.  While sitting (naked) waiting for the midwife to come I decided to read a magazine - my choices - AARP and Field & Stream - seriously?!  Thankfully the midwife was there fairly quickly!  She asked me more questions about how I've been feeling and my body then she got down to business.  She said everything looks great and I'm all back to normal.  I just find it simply amazing that my body just grew a human, gave birth to that human, and is now back to the same way it was before this human.. again, amazing!  I got the go-ahead for all activities again =)  I'm super excited to go for a jog.

I've been working on Gavin and Gabby's baby books and it's been fun!  It's hard to believe that Gav's is almost complete - just pages for his 4th and 5th birthday are left!  The parts in Gabby's that I can complete are done - now I need to do my best to keet it updated as events occur instead of waiting and trying to catch up on a ton of stuff at once.

I am SO in love with the adorable boppy pillow I found at Tar.get on Tuesday - it's the one in the photo posted yesterday.  It is so girly and of course, it has cherries on it =)  Yippee, how could I resist?!

Speaking of cherries, I have a cherry tattoo on my left hip in honor of my Grammie.  I've been thinking about a second tattoo for a long time but cannot decide what I want.  I've had a design in mind for almost 2 years - it reminds me of my mom, my aunt, my grammie and my hubby.. it also reminds me a lot of my childhood.  Trouble is, I'd really like to get a tattoo in honor of my kiddos but can't figure out what to get.  I've been thinking about the letter 'G' with nice design around it but my hubby thinks that is a little lame.. (poo on him!)  I'm going to continue thinking about it.. but then comes the other issue.. where on my body to get the tattoo!  If anyone has any original ideas please send them my way =)

As I type this, 80 orphans from God's Littlest Angels orphanage in Haiti are on a plane headed to Miami, Florida to meet their forever families.  58 of these orphans have been matched with families from Bethany Christian Services.  I feel blessed to be able to work for a Christian organization that helps to build families and change the lives of children all over the world! 

Okay, enough 'me' stuff - here are my adorable offspring =)

I know, the flower takes up half her face, but it's the only holder I could find for those pacifiers!

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