Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gabby, Gavin & GG.

Okay, here goes..

I took Gav and Gabby to visit with their Great Grammie (GG) on Sunday.  This was Gabby's first time meeting her GG.  My trips to visit my Grammie are always very emotional, so I knew this trip was going to be 'over the top' emotional.  For those that don't know, my Grammie has been suffering from Alzheimer's for the past 4-5 years.  She, at this point, is in the late stages; her mind and her memory are basicllay gone and she has very little control over her body.  My heart breaks each time I am with her.  {I only broke down twice while I was there - first when I set Gabby on her lap for the first time and again right before we left, only because I miss her so so much..} I spent much of my childhood with my Grammie.  She would pick me up at the bus stop, which was right down the street from my house, then we'd stop at Turkey Hill in Cochranville to get her lottery tickets (she always played the number 309 in the daily 3).  I would spend the night at her house then we'd make the 20 minute drive to school each morning.  Grammie spoiled me to the extreme and was always so much fun to be around.  I could share special memories for days and days 

She is my hero.. she taught me so much about life and family.  I miss her beyond words but the amazing, priceless memories I have will never fade.  I know those same special memories are alive in her heart and soul and will never leave, although her mind and memory are gone.

My middle name is Louise, in honor of my Grammie Betty Louise.   My very first thought when I learned I would be having a daughter was, YES! I can give her my Grammie's middle name and I can call her Weezie Bug, just like my mom calls me =)  Gabrielle Louise will always know why she was given that middle name and just how special it is to me and my mom!  It's also my niece Shayna's middle name =)

The visit with GG went well.  Grammie smiled a little and seemed to have fun looking at the kiddos.  I enjoyed sitting with her and playing with her hair.  We of course took lots of photos!  It was very surreal to me to be sitting there with my 2 children and my Grammie, something I always prayed would happen, but I honestly never imagined it would.  I will be a mess when my Grammie leaves this earth but I take comfort in the memories, the photos and the special keepsakes, many of these I will pass on to my children so they will always remember their GG.

Okay, there's ooddle and oodles more I can share about my Grammie but the tears are already pouring and it's making typing this post very hard.  Enjoys these old photos of me with my Grammie - and there are some with my mom and Great Grammie too..


This is me and my Great Grammie =)


above is my MomMom and my Grammie at my high school graduation party - summer 2001

Now the photos from our visit on Sunday!


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