Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ultimate Christmas List!!

I saw this great idea on a few other blogs I read - the idea is to make your Ultimate Christmas list.. no strings attached.  I thought, what a great way to pass the time (even though there are 1,000,005 other things I could should be doing!)  Enjoy my wish list - some items are way over the top and others are fairly realistic.  I tried not to include items for Gavin or Gummy Bear - just for me or the house.  Maybe I could make another - Ultimate Christmas list Gavin/Gummy Bear edition!  Go now, make your own :o)  You know you want to!!

new bedding set!

awesome eliptical with a power incline!

2010 Ford Edge!

large chest freezer!

beautiful garden tub!

macro lens for my digital SLR!

zoom lens for my digital SLR!

North Face fleece!

a nice concrete patio outside of our basement! 
Rob Thomas CD!

a lifetime subscription to People Magazine!

a lifetime supply of photo albums!

a new platinum wedding band for my handsome hubby!

snowman charm for my pandora braclet!

cruise to Alaska!

Rascal Flatts concert tickets!

super nice running sneakers!

Tiffany's bracelet!

super powerful steam cleaner!

Garmin Forerunner!

iPhone w/all services paid for!
Phillies tickets!

Red Sox tickets!

iTunes gift cards!

this dream kitchen!

$ that grows on a tree!

Oh boy I am getting a little carried away with this!!  Stay tuned for more ultimate wish list items :o)

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