Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gummy Bear got a gift!!

I got home from work today and noticed a package on the kitchen table - immediately my mind starts to wander - did I order something I forgot about, did I get another one of those annoying free offer books, did Steven order something and send it to me - hmmm.. what could it be?!?

I rip into the package to discover our Love Bug photo frame for the nursery - someone ordered it from our registry and had it shipped to our house!!  I was so surprised and excited, who was this mystery shopper?!  I proceed to pull out the paperwork that came with it and read the sweetest note.  The mystery shopper was Jil - a girl I graduated high school with.  She currently lives in New York City and we really only communicate with one another on-line but she said that she has loved reading my blog and was excited to buy something for our baby girl!!  That's when the tears started rolling.. how incredibly sweet.  I was speechless, standing there in my kitchen totally overwhelmed by her kindness.  THANK YOU JIL - hopefully you read this and know how much your gift touched me and I cannot wait to put a photo of our little Gummy Bear in it =)

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