Sunday, September 6, 2009

99 DAYS!!

That's right ... 99 days until Gummy Bear's due date!!  We will be heading in to our 26th week tomorrow, so we're almost in our 3rd trimester.  I am happy to report that we bought the paint for her nursery today =)  My goal is to clear the room out in the next couple of days so we can get moving with the paint fairly soon.  It seems to all be coming together at a nice pace.  I still don't have much news on her name - I am still leaning towards Gabrielle, I think my big hiccup with the name is that it seems so long.  My name is short, most of my family has fairly short names, Gavin is a short name.. ah, but what's a few more letters?!!  I will be back on Tuesday with my weekly post!  I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day =)

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