Friday, May 15, 2009


I have always loved pickles, ever since I can remember my family has picked on me about always eating all the pickles at holiday meals, even before the meal really begins. But lately my love for pickles has gone to an all new level - I'm obsessed. I seriously wanted to eat some for breakfast this morning.. I was able to just stick to grapes but those yummy green things were seriously calling my name!! My favorite at this time are the Vlasic Baby Dill pickles (see my crappy photo of my most recent empty jar, so sad)
I did a search on Vlasic pickles and found this funny image.. I could just tell them I don't want a smaller one, that size will work just fine for me =)
Okay, moving on to some "not so useless" information! I was finally able to get some photos of the Easter eggs we gave out to family to share our pregnancy news. Don't ask how, but somehow I managed to forget to take photos of them before handing them out, so last night while at my parents house I stole my mom's egg and snapped away! I thought this was a super cute way to share our fun news, but some of our family were a little confused by the note. After everyone caught on it was fun to see their smiles!!
Well we are almost 25% of the way there.. when I say/type it that way it seems like we're fairly far along but when you think that we still have 30 weeks to go.. oh my!! Okay, time to relax and not eat pickles!

Love & blessings,

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