Friday, May 8, 2009

1st baby purchase!

I actually bought this adorable onezie the morning after I got my first BFP (big fat positive!). I found it at Wal.Mart and it was only $3.00 so I could not resist! It says "worth the wait!"

Gav and I were at the store and I saw a bag of gummy bears by the register and I had an idea - why don't I take a photo of my Gummy Bear with a gummy bear - so here ya go!
Gavin showed the ultrasound photos to some of his teachers at school this morning and they were all very happy for us! When I went this afternoon to pick him up I had two other teachers congratulate me and explain that the news had traveled fast around the school!

Nothing else to share - I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - and of course Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mommies out there!!! (Especially my awesome mommy - she is the greatest and I just love her muchermostestmuchermoremore!!)

Love & blessings,

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Lindsay said...

Cute blog! Love the picture of the ultrasound and the gummy bear! So excited for all of you! Hope you're feeling well and get pampered for Mother's Day!