Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DR visit update.

Oh where do I start..

Scary news first, we went today for a DR visit and my midwife couldn't find Gummy Bear's heartbeat. She tried for a good 5 minutes to find the heartbeat with no luck. She even tried to find another doppler but they were all being fixed. She then tried to get us in for an ultrasound but one of their techs called out today so there were no openings. We go back tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. for an ultrasound. I do have a retroverted uterus, which means my uterus tilts back towards the spine instead of being straight up and down. This position could mean that Gummy Bear is just a little too far back yet to hear the heart with a doppler. Oh my I hope that's what it is..

On a less scary note all my blood work thus far has been fine, no STDs or any of that crazy stuff! My midwife also gave me new prenatal vitamins to try. I shared with her that I've been having serious trouble controlling my mood - one minute I am super happy and laughing - the next minute I am snapping and super super grumpy - I feel awful for my husband. I told her today that if my moods don't get better I may be divorced and friend-less by the end of this pregnancy. (totally kidding, but that's how crazy my moods are!) Of course hormones are all a mess and all over the place but I was not like this when I was pregnant with Gavin. I really pray these new prenatal vitamins will help!

Finally, my due date is different than what I thought. At my last appointment I was made to believe it was December 14, 2009. Today my midwife told me she has the due date as December 16, 2009. 2 days, not a big deal right.. well it is somewhat of a big deal considering all my calendars and tickers have December 14, 2009 as the BIG day! I guess it could be worse. I will be sure to update the tickers and post belly photos tomorrow after the ultrasound. And hopefully I will have a beautiful new photo of our Gummy Bear to post too!

For those that pray, our Gummy Bear could use some if you don't mind!

Love & blessings,

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