Wednesday, April 24, 2013

if you really knew me #3 [renamed 'get to know me']

if you really knew me... I'm not so sure I like that title anymore...  

how about - - - 'get to know me'
yep, much better!

: I hate the heat... I'd take snow over 90 degree weather any day of the week...

: I love coffee mugs but I am not a fan coffee... yuck!

: I can be somewhat of a crazy driver... I miss driving my 5 speed eclipse on long, curvy, country back roads... radio up loud, windows down, no speed limit :)

: the folded over chips are my fav - I will look in the bag so I can strategically plan my grab - I gotta get as many folded over chips as possible!!!  {I would never steal folded over chips off my kids' plates... that's just mean!}

: I only pick up pennies that are heads down

: Despicable Me - my secret movie obsession

: I looooove me some bubble wrap ;)  awesome stress reliever

: I collect pressed souvenir pennies

: I know every word to The Little Rascals - 
Dear Darla - I hate your stinkin' guts. You make me vomit. You are scum between my toes.  Love, Alfalfa
: I always separate the groceries in the shopping cart - cold/frozen stuff on the right - non-cold on the left and I always request the cold stuff be bagged together

: my parents bought me a guitar for Christmas 2004 - I played for about a month - way too freaking hard - doesn't help I have the words shortest, chubbiest fingers ;)

: I have my heart set on running the Bird-in-Hand half marathon in September (prayers my knee/itband let me) - I'd like to 'win' the coveted Road Apple award!!!

 happy hump day :) :) :)

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mom said...

What's a road apple award?