Saturday, April 20, 2013

g-cubed update :)

It's been a little while since I last updated on the kiddos... so here ya go!!!

Gage David: no more pacicifers - WAHOOOOOOO!!!  We've made it a week without them and surprisingly, the transition was pretty smooth :)  the 'paci fairy' came Saturday night and gathered up all his pacis - and gave him a couple bucks so he could buy a new book!!! Gage is just too darn cute but he sure is a Mister Whiney pants and he's getting really really good at saying 'NO' - which I am sure he gets from his brother and sister.  He still loves reading, playing hockey with Gavin, watching Caillou and playing Hungry Hungry Hippos - he really is the 'hippo mater' :)  Oh - how could I forget - the kid is obsessed with the color green.  wants green everything - shoes, clothes, toys, food, paper, crayons, toothpaste... you name it, if it comes in green, he will take it ;)

Gabby Louise: my silly girl had her first dentist appointment and she did AWESOME!!!  I was sooooooo nervous about going - was fearful she wouldn't even open her mouth - but she totally surprised me and did such a great job!!!  She also got a fancy new haircut last weekend!!!  Gabbers hates me combing her hair in the morning - it was pretty long and super curly which always meant knots and tears.  Gabby is becoming quite the helper... and I have found that seems to be helping with her listening and stubbornness.  She is very into makeup and nailpolish but loves playing outside in the dirt and wrestling with her brothers... :) 

typical stubborn Gabby face

Gavin Arthur: Mister I'm obsessed with sports ;)  Gavin started playing tball a couple of weeks ago and is loving it!!!  He wakes up Tues and Thurs mornings with a huge smile on his face because he knows it's tball day :)  Oh, and of course, he is still completely obsessed with ice hockey - more specifically the Flyers.  He knows everyone on the team and their jersey #s... even knows the coach!  Gav still really enjoys going to school  - and he hasn't missed a day yet this year!!!  And... this kid can eat... oh my word I am scared to know what my grocery bill will be in 10 years ;)


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mom/grammie said...

They sure are an awesome three.....
So full of fun & their giggles make my heart smile! Thanks for sharing the great pics!