Wednesday, May 8, 2013

flowers, weeds & meatballs - oh my!!!

been in a blogging slump... boo.

crazy busy with work... lately there has been lots of pregnant teens to counsel... lots of babies born... lots of tears shed... lots of praises given... lots of hugs... lots of stress. 

oh... and lots and lots of Mother's Day cards written to almost every client that made an adoption plan for their child since I started with Bethany almost 6 years ago... did you know the day before Mother's Day is Birthmother's Day?

one nice thing about my job right now = the flowers outside the office 
 (I don't care if these are 'weeds' - I like them!!!)

crazy busy with life... t-ball, yard work, groceries, laundry, end of the year kindergarten stuff, organizing millions of things... but I'm trying to remember not to be too crazy busy that I miss special moments with these adorable meatballs...

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mom/grammie said...

Every season has its challenges.....and joys!
WONDERFUL PICS!!!!! Gotta love those meatballs! You too!!!