Saturday, April 6, 2013

30 before 30 update.

I've been slacking... on a lot of things lately, one being my 30 before 30 list.

oh well.  I'm allowed.  :)   it's my list, if I want to slack then I'm gonna slack ;)

so, a couple weekends Steven and I went to Boston for a couple of days and the weekend before that we went to an auction - 2 things down!!!

here's the list with my updates...

1. pay off my car. [her name is Blair and I love her!]
2. do something fun with my blog related to fashion and/or fitness.
3. get my third tattoo. [something fun and unique]
4. research & open a college savings account for g-cubed. done!!! made this momma feel really good :)
5. try to crochet. 9.23.12 - I tried it - sadly - I sucked!
6. conquer my fear of horses. [yes, this means riding one. yikes!]
7. redecorate my office with some of my photographs.
8. get a pedicure. [still never had one]
9. take Gavin ice-skating.
10. sponsor a child from Africa. her name is Olivia and she is adorable!
11. write a will. [I’m dragging my feet.]
12. paint our bedroom.
13. wear a bikini on my 30th birthday. [not a ‘skirt' bottom bikini.]
14. teach Gage his ABC’s. 11.22.12 - I'm one proud momma!!!
15. go to and buy something at an auction. [preferably something super old!] 3.16.13
 - spent $27.00 on some cool old (maybe useless) stuff ;)
16. get caught up on baby books.
17. complete a DIY project that’s blog post worthy. 9.12.12 - button flowers!!!
18. chaperone a field trip for my niece or nephews.
19. go skiing or snow tubing. [never done either.]
20. buy and rock a pair of funky skinny jeans. [they always look so cool!] 10.28.12 - not as 'funky' as I had hoped but at least they were cheap!!!
21. do something special with my Grammie’s shirts. 12.25.12 - had lap quilts and a pillow case made - gorgeous!!!
22. take Gabby to Disney on Ice. 11.4.12 - SO SO SO much fun!!!
23. give our house a major landscape overhaul.
24. try sushi. - 8.18.12 - really liked it!
25. run one mile on my old high school track. [to erase the terrible memories of ‘mile run day’ in gym class.] - 9.3.12 - 12:53 - felt good!
26. travel to a city Steven and I have never been to before. [maybe Boston.. not sure yet!] 3.22.13 - 3.24.13 - went to Boston - beautiful city - but still very much a country girl!!!
27. organize, then donate the [millions] of toys the kids no longer play with.
28. 5k, 10k, half marathon. [need to pray about this.]
29. shoot a gun. [for the first time!]
30. have a kick butt 30th birthday party!

I've still got a lot to get done - I doubt I will accomplish everything - some of this stuff costs too much money right now that we really don't have - like the painting, the landscaping and redecorating my office.  I'm just going to focus on the inexpensive (or free) fun stuff!!! 

my auction items:

hahaha, the unicorn stuff just cracks me up!!!
some photos of our Boston trip:
*half marathon post is in the works...

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