Monday, May 9, 2011

a very special birthday card!

I came home to a card in the mail.  Those who know me well know that I love getting mail and I love cards!  This particular card today was from my dear friend Katie.  A little background –> Katie is a friend from high school.  She was the “new girl” in 9th grade and introduced herself to me and my group of friends during science class.  From that day on she and I have been friends.  Katie is a STRONG woman of God.  I admire her faith.  When I told her several years ago about my renewed walk with Christ she sent me an entire shoebox full of Christian books and music.  She is one of the most dependable, thoughtful, loving, fun people I know.  She is a true friend.  When my Grammie passed away Katie was there for me.  Katie knew the deep relationship I had with my Grammie.  Katie came to my Grammie’s viewing and stayed through the service as a support for me.  She even made a beautiful slide show of photos and music for myself and my family – it’s a treasure I will always keep close to my heart.  Katie participated in the Alzheimers Association’s Memory Walk with me and my family in 2009 and is doing it with us again this year!  Katie is on the far left next to my niece Shayna.

memory walk!

My surprise card today was from Katie.  It was a birthday card – a very sweet birthday card with a lovely message inside.  The card and the gift left me speechless and in tears.  I was so touched..

Katie is buying me the ring I want to order in memory of my Grammie.ringchunkywide

The ring will read “Let It Shine!”

Katie - you are who I hope my daughter will grow up to be like.  You are one of the most selfless, most beautiful women I have ever known.  You remind of my Grammie in so many ways.  You will never know how much your friendship and your kindness mean to me.  You display the love of Christ in ALL you do.  THANK YOU from the very depths of my heart =)

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