Friday, May 6, 2011

getting paid to brush my teeth :)

I am wicked proud of myself this week.  I felt like an ‘extreme couponer’ and got some super great deals!!  For example:

Colgate toothpaste at CVS: $2.77 [$2.77 extra care bucks with purchase] - $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon = + $1.00 credit (it’s like they paid me $1.00 to buy it!)

Oral B toothbrush at Target: $2.94 - $1.00 Target coupon - $1.50 manufacturer’s coupon = $0.50 for a toothbrush

So I basically got paid 50 cents for buying a toothbrush and toothpaste!

GO ME :)

Now back to cleaning and preparing for tomorrow!!  I am hosting a Thirty-One party and we have lots of friends, family and co-workers coming over – can’t wait – it’s going to be tons of fun!!!


and just because it’s one of my absolute favorite photographs (not b/c it has anything to do with brushing my teeth – although this photo does make me realize how big my 2 front teeth really are..) – oh well, SO thankful to my husband for this beautiful photograph!

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