Tuesday, May 10, 2011

truth #13: church

[I just ordered my ring =)  I am one happy gal!]

truth #13: I think I’ve finally found a church that I (and my children!) can call home. (Praise God!)  Over the past several years I’ve bounced around from church to church which has really been very difficult for me.  Maybe I was being too picky.. maybe I was searching for something that was just unrealistic.. maybe, I wasn’t opening my heart to where God wanted me to be.. maybe I was trying to make my own plans without listening to what His were for me and my children.  I had begun my ‘church search’ at a ‘mega-church’ and kept comparing all the other churches to that one because the music was so incredible and I am a true sucker for music.  Nothing compared to this ‘mega-church’ but I still didn’t feel at home there because, well, it is MEGA huge!  When I was very little my mom took my brothers and me to a Methodist church.  The church I went to this past Sunday was a Methodist church.. a nice, traditional, not too big but not too small, lovely church.  I felt like I was at my old church – and it was great – so great I cried. [not surprised, I know.]  I didn’t need the fancy band with the guitars, drums, saxophones.. I didn’t need the fancy digital presentations.. I didn’t need the crazy clapping and throwing my hands up. (not that there is anything wrong with these things in a church.. it’s what I thought I desired in a church, but for me personally, I was wrong.)  I did need an organ, a choir, a few meaningful hymns, some beautiful stained glass, reciting the Lord’s prayer.. exactly like it was when I was a little girl.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming – the sweet little lady in the pew behind me couldn’t get enough of Gage.  I can’t even tell you how many people said hello to me and spoke to my children – and it all felt genuine – not forced.  I felt like we belonged there – and I was only there for an hour.  Of course I had fears of being judged – as I do almost anywhere I go – but that won’t stop me from going back this weekend and the weekend after that.  That won’t stop me from getting to know people and allowing them to get to know me and my family!

One major bonus to this church is that my brother-in-law Chris, sister-in-law Christy and their best friends Travis and Natalie go there.  Travis grew up in this church and could probably tell me anything and everything I want to know about it.  Sure, it’s a 35 minute drive but I’m willing to make the drive if it means finally having what I’ve been searching for for years.  I’m willing to make the drive if it means a youth group for my children down the road!  I’m willing to make the drive if it means special family time before, during and after church.  I’m willing to make the drive if it means worshiping God with family – old and new.

THANK YOU Natalie, Travis, Christy and Chris!  I am SO grateful to the 4 of you – for allowing me and the kids to join you at church, for all of your help with the kids, for just being awesome people =) 


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