Tuesday, November 2, 2010

cute & classy photocards from Shutterfly

I know I haven’t posted anything about Halloween yet.. I’ll get there, don’t worry.. but I wanted to post about this before I missed the opportunity.  Shutterfly is offering bloggers the chance to get 50 free holiday cards – head on over to this site to enter your blog.

I’ve been thinking about birth announcements for Gage, Gabby’s birthday invitations and Christmas cards a lot recently.  Every time I look for birthday invitations I get distracted by Shutterfly’s awesome new Christmas card designs!!  I always order at least 4 or 5 gifts from Shutterfly each year; usually calendars for my mom, aunt and mother-in-law and they always turn out wonderful!  I can’t wait to order this years calendars!!  I was looking through the photo cards and found a few that I just love!!!  [of course I think they are all great but really tried to narrow done my favorites.. I think this first one is my most favorite!]  The first one is my favorite because, as many of you know, I am a huge fan of brown!  I also adore the cute tree and fun colors!  It just looks so cute and classy!  I am hoping (fingers crossed!) to get a good photo of each of the kiddos for the photo spots.. how CUTE would that be?!!  card one card two card three card four card five card six

I will be back on sometime soon to share fun costume photos!

Love & blessings!

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