Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank you & lots to do.

First I need to say thank you to Aunt Patty, Amanda and their gang for having us over last night, hooking us up with an awesome dinner (with yellow watermelon) and giving us some wonderful baby and kiddo goodies.  Amanda's daughter Rylee turned 1 in April and Amanda has been blessing us with the most adorable baby girl clothes ever since we found out Gabby was a girl.  She gave us a bag of adorable fall and spring clothes that I cannot wait to see Gabby in =)  She also gave me a warm fuzzy sleeper sac for Gum Drop and this beautiful swing for him.. SO SO SO SO SO excited. (photos to come!)  THANK YOU!!!  And of course, who can forget, Patty and her crew are going to be on Big Brother/Big Sister duty when Gum Drop arrives.. so they are on stand by and 'waiting' for my call.. just like when I went into labor with Gabby.  They really are one awesome family =)

I am really starting to crack down and get things done for my Mr. Gum Drop.  Everyone keeps telling me this little man is coming in September, which, ummm, is this month, so I really need to get movin'!  Technically I won't be full term until Saturday the 25th so he really shouldn't come before then but as soon as I know he's healthy enough he can come on along as soon as he'd like =)  Here is my current to-do list - I am posting it here to try to stay on track.. hopefully you can all help me to stay on track too! [and hopefully I will just be crossing things off and not adding things!]

clean the house from floor to ceiling - it's real bad..
clean car seat after Gabby's done using it
unpack and clean Gavin's old bouncy seat (we used a brown and pink one for Gabby)
unpack and clean bottles
wash Gum Drop's clothes & bedding
figure out where Gum Drop's clothes will go once they're washed
set up Gum Drop's crib
finish storage room project
finish garage project
get photos caught up
empty memory cards and charge camera batteries
start writing in Gum Drop's baby book
bath and groom both dogs
organize the boat load of toys in the house
arrange the play lists on my iPod for labor & delivery
make a list of 'hospital bag' items
begin packing hospital bags for Steven, Gum Drop and myself
pack bags for Gavin & Gabby
work on my birth plan (I'd be a happy lady if things went similar to Gabby's birth!)
take Gav to Build-a-Bear so he can build his little bro a bear!!
 purchase last minute things for Gum Drop 
(burp cloths, baby boy photo album, 4 oz bottle and liners, socks to match his coming home outfit)

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