Thursday, September 9, 2010

advice please!

So I've been thinking about getting a Moby wrap.. anyone know anything about them??  

I put one on our registry [yes, I did a registry at babiesrus, yes, I know it's baby #3, what could we possibly need, right?! well I had some friends asking what they could get for our little surprise and so I decided to do one - and it helped with my shopping addiction - it's fun to go around scanning items but not spending $ on them - you don't have to leave feeling guilty for just scanning and not spending!]  And I obviously don't expect anyone to buy us anything for baby #3 just because I did a registry.

Anyway.. I will definitely need to be hands free with this little man and although we have a cheap front carrier I think this wrap may feel much more secure.  So.. if anyone has any advice, suggestions, recommendations or input I am all ears!!  (well, mostly belly right now, but you know what I mean!)

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Lindsay said...

I used a Moby Wrap with Evan and with the twins and I loved it, once I got used to it. When they were a little older I liked that I could put the kids on my back and it was more comfortable in my opinion that my other backpack carrier.