Thursday, September 2, 2010

car seat.

So yesterday I learned from Kelly that car seats expire.  I called my hospital social worker friend and she confirmed this fact.. and said that some seats even expire after 4 years.  Crap.  That means that our infant seat we used for Gavin and are still currently using for Gabby will expire in November (or may have already expired).  This bothers me.. I’m a stickler for safety in the car.. shoot. shoot. shoot. 

I want to order this seat now for Mr. Gum Drop that matches our double strollercar seat

but of course I hate paying all that $$ {$125.00} for something he will use for 9 or 10 months.. but I guess I’d rather spend the $ and know he’s in a safe seat than keep him in an expired seat. oh yuck.

And… to make matters worse the convertible car seat I had for Gav that I wanted to move Gabby into last weekend is forward facing only.  Darn. This all makes me think.. I wonder what I rode in when I was a baby.. hmmm.

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Kelly said...

It stinks buying new ones, but they are worth it!