Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weight check.

Gummy Bear went back to the doctor on Friday for a weight check.. she now weighs 7 pounds 15 ounches!  Her umbilical cord thing fell off early Saturday morning and it looked so yucky.  I think it came off a little too soon because it was still a little raw/red looking (I almost vomitted when I saw it.. eww!)  We are just keeping an eye on it and keeping it clean, we definitley don't want it to get infected.  She is becoming a spoiled little one - she is not a fan of sleeping by herself, she only likes to sleep when she's being held and snuggling - I will say this one is my fault, I just love to hold her and love on her :o)

She is just too cute for words!  There are so many little things that I just love about her - like watching her eye lashes grow in, watching her suck on her fingers (that are pretty long for a newborn), watching her little mouth move when she sleeps, her "gas smiles", her soft baby smooth skin, the way she nuzzles into my neck when I hold her - oh she's just the best and she has the best Daddy and big brother!! :o)


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