Friday, December 18, 2009

Nicknames & Santa!

I have a fun nickname song I sing to Gavin - it's a combination of several of the nicknames Steven and I have had for him over the past couple of years.  Just so I never forget the song I'm going to list his nicknames!

Gavin Arthur
Turkey Turkey
Ducky Ducky
Little Fella
Handsome Man
Sugar Pie
Honey Bunch
Baby Bean
Pickle Pickle
Doodle Buggie
Messy Monkey
Tumble Weed
Scooter Boy
Stud Muffin
Amazin' Raisin
Walkin' Man

Gabrielle has already aquired some nicknames of her own but I haven't thought of a cleaver song yet.  Here are some of her nicknames!

Gummy Bear
Weezie Bug
Sweetie Potato
Baby Girl
Chickie Deedle Do
Pretty Lady

I'm such a lucky lady :o)

Steven and I were crazy parents on Wednesday and we took our 11 day old baby to meet Santa at the mall.  Her big brother went along too and was such a good boy!!  We braved the germs and actually had to wait in line for about 50 mintues.  Gabrielle was sound asleep for about 47 of those 50 minutes and of course right before it was their turn to meet Santa she decided to wake up and put her fussy pants on!  Gav was a little scared at first but warmed up to Santa when I told him to tell Santa about his new baby sister.  Santa told us that Gabrielle was the youngest baby to sit on his lap so far this season!  Overall it was a fun trip and we got some cute photos of our little ones with jolly Saint Nick ;o)

I need to scan the "professional" photo we got of the kids with Santa - Gavin's smile is simply adorable and Gabrielle looks like she's smiling but she's really crying - it's super cute!! (check back soon!)

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