Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I love the Christmas season.. I love the shopping, I love the wrapping, I love the tree, I love the stockings, I love the gift giving, I love Santa, I love the egg nog, I love decorating the house, I love the lights.. I just love it all.  Most importantly, as a Christian, I definitely acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas and have been trying to show the love of Christ to everyone I come into contact with.  It is sad, but I find I do this more around Christmas then at other times throughout the year - and that needs to change.  This will be one of my New Years resolutions.. among a few others.  I am super excited for this Christmas but there's still a lot to get done before I am 100% ready!  We are having Christmas dinner at our house again this year so we need to give the place a good clean and I need to give Gav's toys a good overhaul so we have room for his new toys. 

Things are going well with Miss Gabby and Mr Gavin!  Gav is at such a fun age right now and is really developing a very cool imagination.  He says some cleaver things and is such a little smarty pants :o)  Gabrielle is growing like crazy - her newborn outfits are getting a little small in the legs but the 0-3 month oufits still look so big!  She really is a mommy's girl and I dig it :o)  Well... I guess I don't dig it at 4 a.m. when I am exhausted and want to sleep without a baby in my arms, but I know she will only be this tiny for a very very short time so i am soaking in the snuggle time now!  I love my pretty peanut and my handsome fella and I praise God for his wonderful work every chance I get.

Okay,  my sweet potato is hungry and is screaming so loud I'm sure Santa in the North Pole can hear her!


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